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AIP Butterfly Valves

Advanced Industrial Products (AIP) Australia's First Choice for Quality Hoses, Valves & Fittings

AIP Butterfly Valves are designed for easy installation on irrigation, civil and mining worksites. Made tough for Australian conditions AIP Butterfly Valves save valuable time and money. Available in a range of diameter sizes to suite a variety of applications.

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AIP Travelflex® & Powaflex® Irrigation Hose

Advanced Industrial Products (AIP) Proven Performance for Tough Australian Conditions

Travelflex® and Powaflex® are premium quality irrigation hose designed for use with travelling irrigators. Designed and manufactured tough for Australian conditions.

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Antelco Drippers / Adjustable Flow – Shrubbler® & Potstream®

Antelco Adjustable Flow Drippers allow you to

Antelco Shrubbler® and Potstream® Adjustable Flow Drippers are ideal for home garden and light commercial use.

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Antelco Pressure Compensating (PC) Drippers

Antelco When precision watering matters – Putting water where it counts!® Antelco CETA®, Pinch Drip™ & Asta® Drippers.

A range of quality Pressure Compensating (PC) drippers that deliver a precise amount of water over a wide range of operating pressures. PC drippers facilitate controlled watering, as each dripper performs to a pre-set flow rate, allowing water emitted over a length of time to be easily calculated. This ensures more efficient watering, reducing the risk of over-watering or under-watering.


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Antelco Rotor Max™ 180º Deflector

Antelco Easily create an even half-circle watering distribution.

Easy Snap-on Field Fitted 180º Deflector for use with Antelco Rotor Max™ Midi Sprinklers. Ideally suited to end-of-row-sprinkler installations or to prevent overspray on roads and driveways, pathways, nursery walk-ways – or any application that requires directional water distribution. UV stabilsed materials ensure long life.

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Antelco Rotor Mini & Midi Sprinklers

Antelco Quality, durable, reliable Antelco Rotor Sprinklers - Rotor Spray™, Rotor Rain® & Rotor Max™.

Antelco’s range of Rotor Sprinklers are ideal for greenhouses, nurseries, landscaping, home gardens and horticultural and agricultural applications. Available in three sprinkler ranges: Antelco Rotor Spray™ Mini; Antelco Rotor Rain® Mini; and Antelco Rotor Max™. 

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