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Recognised by industry & customers – we're Australia's leaders in water & fluid management.

 is recognised as Australia's largest and leading network of pumping, irrigation, filtration, water and fluid management experts. Since 1987 Irrigear has built an enviable reputation with Australia's leading brands and products in water and fluid management, many of whom you'll find on this website.

There are many benefits in becoming part of the Irrigear network, including:

Independent ownership. 
Business owners remain in control of their own success, yet with the support and competitive advantage of being part of a national group.

Increased buying power. 
Irrigear's long-standing relationships with Loyal Suppliers provides Members with the best product and pricing in the industry.

Strong industry presence. 
Members have a long history in the industry as individuals and as a group. Relationships are cemented with shared experience and trust, with a common goal of growth.

Peer support, referrals and training. Through meetings and conferences, Members develop close relationships and share knowledge to provide the best possible commercial solutions to their customers.

Marketing support.
 National marketing campaigns executed locally, 1300 Irrigear, website and social media support, advertising opportunities, branding and signage, internet presence and lots more.

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Key Benefits of Membership

Members of Irrigear enjoy access to the most experienced peer group in Australia, the best products from the leading brands and valuable support, such as marketing activities and association memberships.

The goal is to help each business grow while retaining their independence. No other group in the country can match the levels of support that an Irrigear membership can provide:

  • Access to the industries’ best brands & pricing
  • Interaction with like-minded businesses
  • Regional meetings & national conference
  • National marketing campaigns, executed locally
  • Fleet discounts
  • Business & industry support
  • Keep your independence & maintain your own brand
  • Leverage off & 1300 IRRIGEAR
  • Access to promotional & branded items
  • Style guides & branding guidance
  • Finance options for customers
  • Membership to the Australian Retail Association (ARA)
  • Membership to Irrigation Australia Ltd (IAL)


Q. How can I pay my membership fee?
A. Via electronic transfer, cheque or credit card.

Q. Are there any additional ongoing fees?
A. No, there are no other hidden costs.
Q. Is Irrigear a franchise?
A. No, each store is independently owned and run by its own team, with support from our national group.
Q. Can I recommend my own suppliers to join the loyal supplier list?
A. Yes.
Q. How can I use the Irrigear logo with my own business name?
A. Many Irrigear members display their individual logo alongside the Irrigear brand to demonstrate the strength of the business, yet maintain local recognition.

Q. Can I use Irrigear's OH&S policy in my own business?
A. Yes, you can adopt Irrigear's OH&S policy.
Q. Can I advertise the 1300 IRRIGEAR phone number to my own customers?
A. Yes, many members use this number for target markets, and the monthly report tracks response numbers.
Q. How do Irrigear members communicate with one another – for example, if I wanted to source a secondhand product for a customer or seek technical advice from other Irrigear members?
A. Irrigear Head Office regularly sends out communications to its members, so if someone has something they need, members contact head office and head office simply sends an email to all members directly.
Q. How does Irrigear provide small business support?
A. Through being a member of a key support organisations – in Australia, the Australian Retailers Association (ARA), members can call for advice on a range of topics, such as legal matters, staffing issues, retail enquiries, etc.
Q. How can I be sure that Irrigear will not take on too many new members so that I am in direct competition with other members in my region?
A. Irrigear is very protective of its brand and values, and is committed to helping make each and every member's business a success. Irrigear is very selective about who joins the membership and where they are located to ensure members do not operate within the same geographical location.


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