Iplex® BlackMAX® Stormwater Pipes & Fittings

Iplex® BlackMAX® Stormwater Pipes & Fittings

Iplex® BlackMAX® Stormwater Pipes & Fittings

The stormwater solution that makes sense. Available from your local Irrigear® Independent Experts.

Iplex® BlackMAX® is an Australian-manufactured structured wall polypropylene pipe designed for non-pressurised gravity drainage systems. Offering superior, high-quality performance and now with an extended range of sizes up to DN1200 available to order, BlackMAX is a complete stormwater pipeline solution.

Made of polypropylene, Iplex BlackMAX benefits from the material’s durability and high stiffness, making BlackMax structurally robust, while maintaining lightweight properties.

Iplex BlackMAX pipes are lighter compared to conventional stormwater pipes, making it easier and safer for workers to transport and lift, streamlining the installation process, reducing labour and costs, and assisting in timely completion of stormwater drainage projects.

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Why Iplex BlackMAX makes sense:

  • Proudly manufactured in Australia
  • Built to last
  • Efficient water movement
  • Easy installation
  • Safer to use
Iplex® BlackMAX® Stormwater Pipes & Fittings
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Iplex® BlackMAX® Product Overview

Iplex BlackMAX – Built to last
BlackMAZ is built to last, providing a service life of over 100 years when designed and installed in accordance with the relevant standards and manufacturer’s advice. The inherent properties of polypropylene make it highly resistant to chemical attack in acid sulphate soils and sulphuric erosion in gravity sewers. Available in long lengths, BlackMax pipes require fewer joints, reducing the risk of tree root intrusion and less maintenance costs.
Iplex BlackMAX – Efficient water movement
BlackMax pipes offer superior hydraulic capacity facilitating flow which can result in more efficient hydraulic designs. It can also lead to advantages during construction such as flatter grades, smaller pipe sizes and reduced installation costs.
Iplex BlackMAX – Easy installation
Lightweight pipes are easier for workers to transport and lift, offering flexibility across a range of environments. The recent range extension up to DN1200 allows further design and installation flexibility.
Iplex BlackMAX – Safer to use
The lightweight nature of BlackMAX pipes means fewer hazards posed during transport and on-site movement, reducing the potential risk of accidents and injuries. BlackMax pipes do not produce silica dust during installation, repairs or cutting, ensuring a safe working environment and mitigating health risks for workers.

Iplex® BlackMAX® Applications

BlackMAX® Polypropylene (PP) Pipe and Fittings are suitable for the following applications: 

  • Stormwater drainage
  • Low head irrigation
  • Road culverts
  • Stormwater retention systems
  • Ocean outfalls
  • Pipe rehabilitation
  • Ventilation ducts
  • Leachate collection

Iplex BlackMAX is manufactured to AS/NZS 5065 “Polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) pipes and fittings for drainage and sewerage applications” and has StandardsMark™ third party certification under this standard.

The Iplex BlackMAX jointing system is manufactured with a high-performance spigot and socket rubber ring joint system.

The elastomeric seal is placed in the second last trough from the spigot end and is compressed as the spigot enters the socket.

This system allows the installer to cut the pipe on site anywhere along the pipe barrel and make the joint.

Iplex BlackMAX pipes have a relatively high stiffness of not less than 8000 N/mm (SN8) and are suitable for buried applications up to 6 metres under normal installation conditions.

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