AAP Camlock (Cam & Groove) Fittings

AAP Camlock (Cam & Groove) Fittings

AAP Camlock (Cam & Groove) Fittings

AAP Industries – 'A World of Valves & Fittings'

AAP Industries provides a range of valves and fittings to cover your irrigation needs. Whether you need an aluminium or polypropylene cam and groove fitting for quick connect, or a galvanised fitting through to a stainless steel threaded fitting – we have you covered.

With a large range of fittings, AAP Industries stocks and supplies most fittings from a GP Gal Mal fitting for transferring water to Stainless Steel fittings for some chemicals. We are confident we have your needs and requirements under control.

Advice. Products. Solutions. Australia-wide. Locally source and buy AAP Industries – including AAP Camlock (Cam & Groove) Fittings from the leaders in pumping, irrigation, filtration, water and fluid management, Irrigear® – The Water System Experts.

AAP Industries Camlock (Cam & Groove) Fittings
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AAP Industries Camlock (Cam & Groove) Fittings

Available in a range of materials and sizings to suite a variety of industry sector applications:

  • Materials – Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Poly Propylene, NyGlass, Brass, Bronze, Stainless Steel Lever
  • Specialty Adaptor Range Available (incl Locking Handle DC)
  • Sizing – 1/2 - 6"
  • Applications (depending on material) – Water, Various Oils, Chemicals and Agriculture (Spraying), Mining, Food, Offshore

15mm – 1034kPA

20-50mm – 1724kPa

65mm – 1034kPa

75mm – 862kPa

100mm – 690kPa

125mm – 517kPa

150mm – 517kPa

15mm – 862kPa

20-50mm – 862kPa

65mm – 690kPa

75mm – 517kPa

100mm – 517kPa

125mm – N/A

150mm – N/A

Aluminium Diecast – General Use, Ag, Industrial

Polypropylene (black, 30% glass filled) – Ag Spraying Equipment, Chemical Industry

NyGlass (yellow) – Ag Spraying Equipment, Chemical Industry

Stainless Steel 316 – Food Industry, Offshore, Chemical Industry

AAP Industries

A world of valves & fittings

Office and distribution warehouse facilities in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and Townsville.


Enquire about the large range of fittings available in store now. Available locally from Irrigear® – The Water System Experts. Find out more about AAP Camlock (Cam & Groove) Fittings and other great AAP Industries solutions! 

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