Greens Water Group

Greens Water Group

Greens Water Group


Greens Water Group has over 25 years experience in the industry, servicing large-scale projects and providing superior irrigation products, polypipe welding, construction and maintenance, farm irrigation and expertise in pumping markets and contracting.

Greens Water Group has worked on large scale projects in northern Queensland including government, council and port authority civil works, mining and agricultural operations. They have provided drilling, works on rivers and roads, welding and fittings, as well as domestic jobs related to irrigation and sprinkler systems.

Greens Water Group supply new and replacement pipe systems for projects that include clean and industrial process water, pressure and gravity sewer mains, wastewater and stormwater, domestic water supply and portable water. Benefits include superior abrasion and scratch resistance, resistance to chemicals, corrosion and galvanic degradation, compatibility with old systems, and cost effectiveness.

Greens Water Group offers customers access to industry leading brands and products, as well as the latest in industry expertise and up-to-date technical knowledge. Proudly a member of Irrigear® Independent Experts — Australia’s leading network in irrigation, pumping, filtration, water and fluid management.

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Brands & Products

Greens Water Group work with industry-leading brands and products proven for Australian conditions. Leading products and solutions from suppliers including:

  • Advanced Industrial Products (AIP)
  • Ascento Group Australia (REEFE®)
  • Brown Brothers Engineers (BBEA)
  • Crusader Hose
  • Davey Water
  • Franklin Electric
  • HR Products
  • Hunter Industries
  • Iplex Pipelines
  • Lowara
  • NaanDanJain
  • Nelson Australia
  • Neta Australia
  • Pentair Onga (Southern Cross)
  • Philmac Australia
  • Plasson Australia
  • Puretec®
  • Rivulis Irrigation
  • Rodney Industries
  • Toro Australia
  • Triangle Waterquip
  • Vinidex

Solutions & Services

Greens Water Group provide a complete range of services, providing solutions across a wide range of water management problems:

  • Agriculture
  • Aquaculture
  • Civil Services
  • Commercial
  • Crop Irrigation
  • Domestic
  • Field Welding Services
  • Filtration
  • Firefighting
  • Irrigation
  • Mining Services
  • Pipe, Valves & Poly Supplies
  • Poly Welding Services
  • Pumps
  • Reticulation Systems
  • Service, Repairs & Testing
  • Tailored PE Manifolds
  • Trenching
  • Water Mains
  • Water Testing, Analysis & Treatment

Irrigear® Independent Experts
Ayr QLD 4807

Proudly a member of Irrigear® and serving Ayr Queensland and surrounding region.

Greens Water Group

29 Ayr-Dalbeg Road
McDesme QLD 4807
07 4783 2114
Contact: Darren Werda

"Greens Water Group has been involved in a variety of large scale works in the northern Queensland."


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