Wastewater Vortex Pumps

Wastewater Vortex Pumps

Wastewater Vortex Pumps

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What is a wastewater vortex pump?
A vortex pump is most easily described as a pump that has a recessed impeller which creates a whirlpool – essentially sucking water (and some solids) by creating a downward vortex. The advantages of this type of fluid movement is that there is less chance of small solids clogging up the pump, so it is well suited to water that carries a high volume of sand or small solids which might be problematic through other pump types. So, vortex pumps can be ideal for pumping out cellars or stormwater pits.
What are the advantages and disadvantages of a wastewater vortex pump?
Vortex pumps tend to offer a clear advantage in remaining free flowing and unclogged. As most of the wastewater and any solids do not come in direct contact with the impeller (which is recessed), the pump generally remains blockage-free. The vortex pump is also able to run at relatively low flow rates, so for low volumes of wastewater, it can be an ideal solution. A drawback to wastewater vortex pumps is that they can be less efficient than other pumps, and therefore can use more energy to run.
When would I use a wastewater vortex pump?
In order to choose the right pump for your needs, having the right details are important. A wastewater vortex pump has both residential and commercial applications, and one of the main things to consider is where the water is being pumped to. As solid pieces in the fluid are not broken down through this pumping system, there needs to be consideration towards the future use requirements of the wastewater. Your local Irrigear expert will be able to advise whether this type of pump is right for you, or if you should consider another type of pump for wastewater management.
How much does a wastewater vortex pump cost?
There are lots of different options available, and there is variability in type, size, quality, output and specifications. Your local Irrigear expert is more than happy to help you navigate the category, taking into account your individual needs for water, budget and longevity.

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  • What is a wastewater vortex pump?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of a wastewater vortex pump?
  • When would I use a wastewater vortex pump?
  • How much does a wastewater vortex pump cost?
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