Household & Residential Pumps

Household & Residential Pumps

Household & Residential Pumps

You'll find a complete range of household and residential pumps, equipment and solutions available from your local Irrigear® Independent Experts.

What kind of pump do I need for my home?
The most common type of pump used for residential purposes is the pressure pump – which can either be immersed in the tank (submersible pump) or sit outside the tank, being either a centrifugal, jet or multistage pump. The type of pump you will need will depend on the size of your home and garden; and what you are looking for as a primary deliverable: cost, efficiency, quiet function and of course ensuring that the pump you choose will be very suitable for your requirements.

  • Submersible pumps
  • Above ground pumps
  • Centrifugal pumps
  • Jet Pumps
  • Single or multistage pumps
  • Pressure pumps
  • Solar pumps

If you live in town, you might need a rain-mains type of pump system, such as Rainbank or Waterswitch. These pumps change over to a mains water supply if the tank runs out of water. Most new houses are required to have this type of pump to service the toilets and washing machine. In any case, your Irrigear team is here to help you choose the right pump for your circumstances.

Are there solar pumps for residential use?
Solar pumps are an option for residential use, but are not yet very common, with pressurized pumps for household use (showers, dishwashers and general household use) as well as specific solar pumps designed for garden irrigation, ponds and fountains being available.

For homes that are off-grid especially, solar pumping is a great alternative – and for those houses also using mains electricity, they are a good way to manage ongoing costs by connecting tank water to a solar pump. Most homes, even off-grid, have a power supply of some sort, and as mains powered pumps are considerably cheaper than solar pumps, it is important to get good advice to weigh up the costs and benefits, as well designing the most efficient pump system.

Solar pumps are affected by the weather – for instance, even with battery powered back-up, you may struggle to have your pump powered on an overcast day. However, in full sun they are effective and energy efficient, they don’t require power cords or electrical outlets in order to function – just exposure to consistent sunlight. A good option is to have a solar pump send water to a header tank during the day, letting gravity provide the pressure on demand.

Can I install a pump at home myself?
It is certainly possible to self-install, however it can be a big job and will require planning, patience and a degree of skill to get it right first time. Your local Irrigear team can help you plan your job and ensure you have the right products to get your started! Take in some photos so that the guys can make sure you have all the pipe and fittings you need to get it right first time. Or get the Irrigear team to install it for you.

What size pump is most popular for home use?
Smaller sized homes (one-bathroom) might install a household pump with a max flow rate of around 35LPM (the bathroom rated at 6LPM, the shower at 10LPM and the tap at 15 LPM) An average sized home with more water using appliances (like dishwashers) should allow for up to 4 different tap combinations, so therefore we would recommend a 50LPM household pump. The more uses and/or users for water, the bigger the capacity of the pump required. Some houses may need more pressure than others (if the pump is a long way from the house, or multi-storey). Talk to your local Irrigear team about your situation - they will help you to choose the right pump for the job.

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  • What kind of pump do I need for my home?
  • Are there solar pumps for residential use?
  • Can I install a pump at home myself?
  • What size pump is most popular for home use?
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