Pop Up Sprinklers

Pop Up Sprinklers

Pop Up Sprinklers

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What is a pop-up sprinkler?
A pop-up sprinkler is commonly used to water lawns and gardens. It consists of a sprinkler head that is installed in the ground with the top visible above the soil, and is connected to a water supply by underground pipes. When the sprinkler system is turned on, the sprinkler head “pops up” out of the ground and throws water over a designated area.

Pop-up sprinklers are often preferred for their convenience and aesthetic appeal, as the sprinkler head is hidden in the grass when not in use and doesn’t detract from the appearance of the lawn or garden. A correctly designed sprinkler system will provide an even application of water over the area, providing an even lawn growth.

Can you mow over the top of a pop-up irrigation head?
You can mow over a pop-up sprinkler as they are designed to retract back into the ground when they are not operating. Pop-up sprinklers can be damaged if hit by a lawnmower blade if not installed to the correct depth.

How much does a pop-up sprinkler irrigation system cost?

A pop-up sprinkler system can range in price from hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on the area to be covered and available water supply.

The cost of a pop-up sprinkler system will vary depending on its size and complexity. A small residential or domestic system will cost less than a large commercial system like a sporting field. However, the investment in a properly designed, installed and maintained pop-up sprinkler system will pay off in the long run by reducing water usage and maintaining a healthy, green turf and/or garden.

What are the ideal conditions for a pop-up sprinkler irrigation system?
Pop-up sprinklers
are best used for irrigating lawns, gardens and landscaped areas where an even application of water is required, and the owner wants the irrigation system to be discreet.

A professionally designed and installed pop-up sprinkler system can operate successfully on most terrains. Sloping ground will not affect the operation of the system if designed and installed correctly.

Pop-up sprinkler systems are best operated in the early mornings or late at night when temperatures are cooler and the wind is calmer. This helps to reduce evaporation and ensure that the water is absorbed into the soil effectively. Avoid watering during the hottest part of the day, to avoid evaporation loss and/or in windy conditions which blows the water away from where it is intended.

Are all pop-up irrigation systems automated?
Pop-up sprinkler systems
can be manually and automatically operated depending on the system you choose to install.

Manual pop-up sprinkler systems must be manually turned on when watering is desired and off again after a given time. There is a risk of failing to turn the system back off which could result in overwatering and wasted water.

Automatic irrigation systems use a program to control watering. The programs include a start time, for the system to start operating, days of the week you wish to water, and the length of time you wish each area to operate. Once programmed, it is "set and forget".

Automatic Irrigation systems use an automatic controller, that is connected to solenoid valves by a low voltage wire. Solenoid valves are located in the lawn area and are connected to the main water supply by a mainline pipe. The solenoid valve operates a number of sprinklers in the area with a submain pipe. When the automatic controller signals the valve to open, water flows from the water source, through the solenoid valve and to the sprinklers which then pop-up out of the lawn & irrigate the area they are designed to cover.

Automatic Irrigation controllers can be programmed manually or remotely via WIFI from your mobile phone or PC.

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  • What is a pop-up sprinkler?
  • Can you mow over the top of a pop-up sprinkler head?
  • How much does a pop-up sprinklers irrigation system cost?
  • What are the ideal conditions for a pop-up sprinklers irrigation system?
  • Are all pop-up irrigation systems automated?
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