Travelling Irrigators

Travelling Irrigators

Travelling Irrigators

You'll find a wide range of travelling irrigators, systems, parts and accessories available from your local Irrigear® Independent Experts. 

What is a travelling irrigator?
A travelling irrigator is used to water crops and pasture by moving a water sprinkler or nozzle along a predetermined path. The irrigator is mounted on wheels and is designed to move automatically while it applies water over a given area of land. These systems are commonly used in areas where there is no access to a permanent irrigation system, or in farms where the terrain is not suitable for other types of irrigation. Travelling irrigators can be controlled manually or automatically, and they are efficient in delivering water to crops uniformly and consistently.

Hose reel irrigation systems, available in Soft Hose or Hard Hose configuration, consist of a single, powerful, portable sprinkler head, that applies water in a circular pattern. These movable sprinklers are installed on “travelling” carts, with a water hose attached. The carts can be positioned wherever necessary. These Irrigators are best used on irregular-shaped areas; difficult-to-reach areas and fields that cannot be otherwise irrigated because of ditches, power lines, trees, buildings, etc. They are ideal for sports grounds, community parks and gardens, pastures and a wide variety of crops and dust suppression.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of a travelling irrigator?
The biggest advantage of a travelling irrigator is flexibility and portability. The machines support uniform watering which prevents crops from being either overwatered or underwatered. Automated irrigators also save on time and labour, as you can trust that a crop will receive the water it requires without human intervention. As a result, travelling irrigators provide optimised crop yield and water conservation – minimising water wastage.

There are factors that can mean travelling irrigators are not ideal, including the coverage they are able to offer. They are one of a range of options which your local Irrigear Expert can guide you through. It is important to note that technology is always changing, so it is wis to stay informed. Travelling irrigators often require a larger upfront investment compared to other irrigation systems, however this is in line with the versatility of the units.

Another benefit is the ease of setup and operation. Turbine technology allows for lower operating pressures, plus automated irrigators save on time and labour. There is a large range of models with a choice of options, such as hose size and length, to suit many irrigation scenarios. Your local Irrigear expert can help you decide.

How long will a travelling irrigator last?
The lifespan of a travelling irrigator will depend on many factors, including the quality of manufacture, how well it is maintained, the frequency of use and the severity of conditions that it is exposed to. On average, a well-maintained travelling irrigator can last 10-15 years before requiring serious repairs or replacement. Travelling irrigators are usually very easily maintained with a full range of parts available. It is not unusual to see well maintained machines giving 20-30 years of life.

How much does a travelling irrigator cost?
There are lots of different options available, and there is variability in type, size, quality, output and specifications. Size of irrigators range from 50m runs with a 20mm pipe, to 700m runs with 140mm pipe.

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  • What is a travelling irrigator?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of a travelling irrigator?
  • How long will a travelling irrigator last?
  • How much does a travelling irrigator cost?
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