Vinidex PVC-U Pressure Pipe Systems

Vinidex PVC-U Pressure Pipe Systems

Vinidex PVC-U Pressure Pipe Systems

Vinidex PVC Pressure Pipe & Fittings –
Stability, Corrosion Resistance and High Strength

Vinidex offers a extensive range of Australian-made, high quality PVC-U Pressure Systems for a large variety of applications. Vinidex PVC-U Pipes are manufactured using the finest raw materials with state-of-the-art technology and processes and are made to AS1477.

Advice. Products. Solutions. Australia-wide. Locally source and buy Vindex PVC-U Pressure Pipe Systems from the leaders in pumping, irrigation, filtration, water and fluid management – Irrigear® Independent Experts.

  • Pumped Sewerage & Effluent Pipelines
  • Potable Water
  • Irrigation & Turf Watering
  • Slurry Transport
  • Pressure Sewerage
  • Water Supply
  • Recycled Water
Vinidex PVC-U Pressure Pipe Systems
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Vinidex PVC-U
Features & Benefits

Australian Made.
 High standard PVC-U pressure systems for a large variety of applications made in Australia for Australian conditions.

Quality. Pipes and Fittings always made to AS1477
. Our products are vigorously tested and adhere to stringent AS Standards.

Biggest range of sizes.
 A comprehensive range with sizes from 15-150mm.

Products remain in ground for longer.

Our products are durable and of premium quality to ensure your projects stay inground for longer. We do this by having extensive quality checks on our lines and have in-house dedicated technical experts working alongside our production teams. 

100% recyclable pipe and fittings and made from recyclables
Our manufactured pipe and fittings are 100% recyclable. Many of our pipe systems are made with recyclable scrap materials from excess manufacturing materials, and some are even made with post-consumer recyclables.

System compatibility. 
PVC-U SCJ pipes have Series 1 outside diameters. 

No adverse effect on water quality. 
PVC-U pipes will not affect the taste, smell, appearance or health aspects of drinking water.

Vinidex PVC-U Detailed Product Information

PVC-U pipes have been used for pressure applications in Australia since the 1960s, but have a much longer service history elsewhere in the world. Over this time, industry has recognised the many benefits of PVC for pressure pipes — material stability, corrosion resistance, high strength to weight ratio, ease of handling and installation and excellent flow characteristics.

Additional Vindex PVC-U Pressure Pipe System product information, resources and videos are available on the Irrigear Youtube Channel/Vinidex or on the Vinidex website Vinidex PVC-U Sytems Support.


Systems & Solutions.

Vinidex supplies a comprehensive range of quality, durable pipe, fittings and irrigator solutions for all your irrigation needs. Vinidex prides itself on delivering complete solutions, nation-wide.

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