Vinidex FIP PVC-U SCJ Large Bore Pressure Pipe Fittings

Vinidex FIP PVC-U SCJ Large Bore Pressure Pipe Fittings

Vinidex FIP PVC-U SCJ Large Bore Pressure Pipe Fittings

Stability, Corrosion Resistance and High Strength

The FIP PVC-U SCJ Large Bore Pressure Fittings range is a complete range of large diameter fittings for solvent cement jointing (SCJ) suitable for use in pressure applications.

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  • Pumped Sewerage & Effluent Pipelines
  • Potable Water
  • Irrigation & Turf Watering
  • Slurry Transport
  • Pressure Sewerage
  • Water Supply
  • Recycled water
Vinidex FIP PVC-U SCJ Large Bore Pressure Pipe Fittings
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Features & Benefits

Excellent chemical resistance.
PVC-U is basically inert to most inorganic bases, acids, saline solutions and paraffinic/aliphatic hydrocarbons. However, it is not recommended for use with polar organic solvent, including chlorinated and aromatic types.

The unique molecular structure grants a low coefficient of thermal conductivity.
λ = 0,15 W/m°C according to ASTM C177. It virtually eliminates condensation and offers superior heat retention, reducing heat loss through piping walls.

Low permeability to oxygen and reduced water absorption.
0,1% at 23°C according to ASTM D 570.

Good resistance to ageing.
Thanks to the chemical and physical properties of the PVC-U resin.

All components are suitable for conveying potable water.
The basic PVC-U resin used for manufacturing fittings is NSF approved.

The material has excellent mechanical characteristics and good impact strength.
These properties make PVC-U suitable for high service pressures. Depending on the fitting, pressure ratings up to PN 16 at 20°C are available.

PVC-U materials have good fire performance.
The flash ignition temperature is 399°C and flame persists only in extreme conditions, e.g. if the oxygen concentration is two times higher than the atmospheric one, or only in the presence of an external flame source. Limiting Oxygen Index: 45% Class UL 94 rating: V0.

A comprehensive product range with sizes from 200 – 375mm:

  • CAT 13 90° Elbows – SCJ
  • CAT 10 45° Elbows – SCJ
  • CAT 19 Tees – SCJ
  • CAT 19 Reducing Tees - SCJ
  • CAT 7 Couplings – SCJ
  • CAT 5 Reducing Bushes – SCJ
  • CAT 6 End Cap – SCJ
  • CAT 8 Reducing Couplings – SCJ
  • Stub Flanges
  • Backing Rings – Galvanised – Table D (Reduced Thickness)
  • Backing Rings – Galvanised – Table E

Product Properties,
Standards & Details

Size Range: DN 200 – DN 375

Pressure Class: PN4, PN5, PN8, PN10 and PN16

Location: Underground or above-ground where not exposed to direct sunlight.

Temperature: Maximum operating temperature of PVC-U is 60°C.

Materials: PVC-U

Chemical: Please refer to the Vinidex Chemical Resistance guide on the Vinidex website.

Certifications and Approvals:
The fittings are compatible with Series 1 PVC-U pressure pipes manufactured to AS/NZS 1477 and Series 1 PVC-M pressure pipes manufactured to AS/NZS 4765. The fittings range is produced using PVC-U resins compliant with the standards EN ISO 1452 and ISO 4422 and in observance of the requirements of DIN 8063 and EN ISO 15493 for the use of plastic pipes in industrial processes. The fittings are produced in accordance with the highest quality standards and in full observance of the environmental practices imposed by current legislation and ISO 14001. All products are manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 certified quality assurance programme.

Additional Vindex FIP PVC-U SCJ Large Bore Fittings product information, resources and videos are available on the Irrigear Youtube Channel/Vinidex or on the Vinidex website Vinidex PVC-U Sytems Support.


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