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Vinidex is Australia’s leading manufacturer and supplier of pipe systems and solutions for the transportation of fluid, data and energy. Vinidex is recognised internationally as a major participant in the pipe industry and as a quality manufacturer of PVC, Polyethylene (PE) and Polypropylene (PP) pipe systems.

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  • Hard Hose Irrigators
  • Polyethylene Pipe Systems
  • Polypropylene Pipe Systems
  • PVC Pressure Pipe Systems
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Vinidex Products

Vinidex is a leading manufacturer and supplier of pipe systems and solutions for the transportation of fluid, data and energy.

  • FIP Large Bore PVC Pressure Fittings
  • Friatec Electrofusion Fittings
  • Hyrdo® PVC Pressure Pipe Systems
  • LD PLUS® Polyethylene Pipe Systems
  • Philmac Metric Compression Fittings
  • Rodney Industries Hard Hose Marani Irrigators
  • Rural PLUS® Polyethylene Pipe Systems
  • StormPRO® Polypropylene Pipe Systems

Vinidex Solutions

Vinidex has a wide range of pipes and fittings systems for irrigation applications.

  • Draincoil® helps overcome such problems as salinity, high rainfall, high water tables & hillside soaks
  • PE pipe is used for irrigation, stock watering, micro-irrigation, water supply & reticulation systems
  • Vinidex PVC pressure pipes are designed to cope with high pressure in such applications as irrigation, turf watering, potable water mains & general reticulation
  • Vinidex systems are finding broader applications in primary industries such as viticulture, aquaculture, cotton & sugar cane

Systems & solutions

Vinidex supplies a comprehensive range of quality, durable and repeatable pipe, fittings and irrigator solutions for all your irrigation needs. Vinidex prides itself on delivering complete solutions, nation-wide.


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