Maric Flow Control

Maric Flow Control

Maric Flow Control

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Maric Flow Control is a South Australian manufacturing engineering firm, established in the 1960’s, whose core business is the manufacture and global distribution of the Maric Flow Control Valves. These flow control valves maintain a fixed, pre-set, constant flow rate, regardless of pressure differential across the valve (within the pressure ranges listed below).

The valves are typically used for pump protection in the mining sector, for irrigation, for water treatment and numerous other industries. Maric Flow Control are a Quality Assured manufacturer, accredited with the WaterMark license, which is based in ISO9001.

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  • Domestic & Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Irrigation & Farming
  • Mining
  • Pump Protection
  • Water Authorities
  • Water Treatment
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Featured Products

Maric Flow Control Products

Maric flow Control Valves maintain a constant pre-set flow rate of water, over a wide pressure range. For flow rate sensitive pumps, filters, pump glands and water distribution systems, the installation of these valves can offer many benefits and valuable protection.

  • Control Rubbers
  • Insert Valve Type
  • Screwed Valve Type
  • Wafer Valve Type

Maric Flow Control Solutions

Maric flow Control Valves will provide a reliable and economical solution to flow rate control applications in your industry. Maric flow Control Valves has been developed to provide a constant pre-set flow rate, irrespective of pressure or pressure fluctuations. 

  • Protection from pump cavitation and thrust bearing damage
  • Protection from the over-pumping of bores
  • Gland water flow control to slurry pump glands
  • Cooling and lubrication water to mechanical seals
  • Controlling backwash flow rate in media filters
  • Process liquid flow control
  • Limiting flow at consumers connections by water authorities
  • Enable reliable supply to sparsely populated areas
  • Limiting flow at peak periods
  • Extending water meter life
Maric Flow Control

Constant flow rate,
regardless of pressure


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