Franklin Electric SubDrive SolarPAK

Franklin Electric SubDrive SolarPAK

Franklin Electric SubDrive SolarPAK

The Franklin Electric SubDrive SolarPAK is the System Solution to your solar borehole pumping requirements. Using Franklin quality components, technical expertise in groundwater pumping, and innovative thinking based on global market inputs, Franklin has developed a rugged, high-output system which tackes the challenges of remote and harsh environments.

The SubDrive SolarPAK pumping system is fully compatible with the remote monitoring and access parameters of the Observant™ system to allow the site owners and operators full access to their Franklin Electric solar water pumping system.

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No other system delivers the water with the features, benefits, and reliability of the Franklin Electric SubDrive SolarPAK in just one package:

  • Australian Proven Solar Pump Technology
  • All-In-One Package – Franklin Electric 4" Submersible Motor, Franklin Electric 4" Solar Pump, SubDrive Solar Controller, Flow Switch, Mounting
  • Variety of Flow Rates Available – 18, 25, 30, 45, 70, 100, 150 & 270 lpm
  • Motor & Drive Ratings Available in – 0.55, 1.1 & 2.2 kW
  • Modular Design for Flexibility
  • Save on Water, Time & Energy costs
Franklin Electric SubDrive SolarPAK
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SubDrive SolarPAK Features & Benefits

Field proven for Australian conditions, SubDrive SolarPAK from Franklin Electric meets the challenges of harsh and remote environments.

  • High flow system for faster tank fill & significant water output
  • Proven motor & pump technology & reliability
  • Robust IP55, NEMA 3 drive enclosure minimizes impact of wildlife, insects, dust, & weather
  • DC & AC power inputs with auto-switching to generator back-up
  • Seven segment controller display shows real-time input watts & system status
  • Remote telemetry capability through a RS-485 continuous data port
  • MPPT – Max Power Point Tracking for maximising efficiency of input power
  • Soft start feature prevents water hammer & increases system life
  • Allows use of new solar array or retrofit to existing array (subject to size & performance check
  • Simple installation & no required maintenance
  • Built-in diagnostics & protection
  • C-tick and UL approved
  • Observant™ compatible for remote access & control

SubDrive SolarPAK Applications

SubDrive SolarPAK is available in variety of configurations to support a wide range of applications:

  • Livestock watering
  • Tank/cistern Filling
  • Rural & Remote Water Supply
  • Irrigation Systems
  • Fountains
  • Vineyards
  • Mining Water Transfer
  • Wildlife Refuge & Game Farms
  • Renewable Energy Projects
  • Water from Bores, Rivers, Dams & Creeks
  • Franklin Electric 4" Submersible Motor
  • Franklin Electric 4" Solar Pump
  • SubDrive Solar Controller
  • Flow Switch with 10m Cable
  • Mounting
  • Variety of Flow Rates Available – 18, 25, 30, 45, 70, 100, 150 & 270 lpm
  • Motor & Drive Ratings Available in – 0.55, 1.1 & 2.2 kW

Franklin Electric SubDrive Solar QuickPAK products include diagnostic features and built-in protection from potentially harmful conditions.

  • Surge
  • Underload
  • Undervoltage
  • Locked Pump
  • Open Circuit
  • Short Circuit
  • Overheated Controller
  • Dry Run
  • Reverse Polarity
  • Solar energy is abundantly available
  • Non polluting
  • Easy to install & operate
  • Eco friendly
  • High Efficiency
  • Not dependent on conventional (& costly) energy – electricity grid or diesel or gasoline
  • Able to be installed & operated in remote areas
  • Highly reliable & trouble-free operation & performance
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