Crusader Waterlord®

Crusader Waterlord®

Crusader Waterlord®

High-quality layflat hose for high-volume dewatering – Crusader Waterlord®.

Crusader Waterlord® is the ideal layflat hose solution for pumping water out of and across mine sites. Waterlord® is also suitable for many industrial pumping applications when high pressure is required. Reel systems are available for ease of handling.

Dewatering is a key activity for many mining contractors. Crusader Waterlord® hose has the ability to remove large volumes of water from a mine or other environments quickly and safely. Waterlord® is a heavy-duty and reliable layflat dewatering hose constructed by weaving a tight polyester fabric and using TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) thru-the-weave extrusion. It is a continuous length hose that can handle high-working pressure and tough abrasion so is suitable on rugged terrain.

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Crusader Waterlord® mine dewatering hose is reliable, compact, easy to handle and easy to deploy. Short lengths can be unrolled with little manpower. However, for long runs up mine walls and across pits, hose reel systems are required. These systems are used to rapidly deploy hose so that the water can be pumped out of the pit soon after the rains hit.

  • Mine Dewatering
  • Industrial High-Pressure Pumping
  • Sewerage Bypass
Crusader Waterlord® Dewatering Hose
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Crusader Waterlord® Product Features

Proudly manufactured in Australia by Crusader Hose,  Waterlord® is made in a large range of diameters from 40mm (1.5") to 305mm (12") and is available in continuous lengths of up to 250m. Each roll is fully tested at our factory prior to despatch to your site.

  • Abrasion Resistant
  • UV Resistant
  • High Working Pressure
  • Flexible & Easy to Move
  • Quick Connect Couplings Available
  • Rapid Deployment
  • Reel System Available
  • Compact Storage
  • Ease of Transportation
  • Australian Made
  • Fully Tested

Other Crusader Hose Products Available

Crusader Hose layflat hose solutions can be deployed and retrieved quickly plus adapts to varying terrain. Layflat hose also has a small storage and transportation footprint plus low friction loss. Crusader Hose offers a range of layflat hose solutions to suit a wide range of applications:

  • Flexibore® Hose – flexible rising main for boreholes
  • Flexidrag™ Hose – travelling irrigator hose, feed hose
  • Aqualine™ Hose – lightweight, temporary bypass hose for long-distance transfer
  • Lancer™ Hose – for temporary potable water bypass
  • Petroline® Hose – fuel transfer hose with anti-static wire
  • Flexiline™ Hose – industrial, water bypass and dewatering hose
  • Fire Hoses – range of fire hoses available to suit various firefighting applications
  • Sunnyflo® Hose – braided layflat hose for lighter duty applications
  • Hose Couplings & Testing Service – high & low pressure
  • Hose Reel & Winder Systems – for rapid layflat hose handling solutions
Crusader Hose

Customised Layflat Hose Systems

Crusader Hose is a world-leading Australian manufacturer of the most efficient systems for water delivery using flexible layflat hose.


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