Crusader Hose Flexibore®

Crusader Hose Flexibore®

Crusader Hose Flexibore®

Bore water pumping made easy! Flexibore® is available from your local Irrigear® Independent Experts.

When it comes to a new bore or bore replacement, Crusader Hose Flexibore® flexible rising main is the perfect solution for your submersible pump! It’s easy to use and saves you time and cost in handling, transport, installation and retrieval.

Flexibore® layflat hose is the ideal system over using cumbersome steel or poly pipe, without compromise in strength and pressure ratings. It’s inherent swell feature not only retards the growth of iron bacteria but also gives it its excellent hydraulic performance saving up to 15% in energy consumption.

Flexibore® is constructed by integrating thermoplastic polyurethane into a woven textile reinforcement of high-tenacity polyester. This textile reinforcement gives the hose flexibility and great tensile strength in one continuous length. Flexibore® hose can sustain both the submersible pump and water weight, requiring no safety cable. Flexibore® is a flexible riser that will suit many borehole applications and is compatible with most submersible pumps.

Flexibore® is manufactured in a large range of diameters from 32 mm (1¼”) to 254 mm (10”). Flexibore® 100 is ideal for domestic and solar bores. Flexibore® 250, 300 & 400 are best suited for deeper bores with larger pumps.

Each roll of Crusader Hose Flexibore® is fully tested and comes with a 12-month warranty.

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Crusader Hose offer a flexible, mobile, easy-to-handle alternative to rigid piping, providing cost savings and a solution that is easy to transport. The Flexibore® rising main is a perfect solution for:

  • Easy installation
  • Low-cost pumping
  • Continuous lengths
  • Potable water use
  • Rapid retrieval
  • Deep & Ultra-deep bore water pumping
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Crusader Hose Flexibore® Products & Features

Flexibore® - for simplified bore water retrieval.
Bore water retrieval can be a difficult task and has only recently been simplified with modern flexible hose technology. The revolutionary Flexibore® flexible rising main layflat bore hose ensures simple and effective bore water retrieval and can be installed and retrieved with great ease compared to rigid pipes.

Flexibore® is constructed by integrating thermoplastic polyurethane into a woven textile reinforcement of high tenacity polyester. This gives the hose flexibility and great tensile strength in one continuous length. Since Flexibore® hose can sustain both the submersible pump and water weight, no safety cable is required. Flexibore® is compatible with most submersible pumps and is offered in a range of sizes to suit many borehole applications:

  • Flexibore® 100 – available in 1.25" (32 mm) & 2" (51 mm) diameters. Ideal for domestic use and solar pumps; for use in boreholes up to 100 m deep.
  • Flexibore® 150 – large diameter 8" (203 mm) & 10" (254 mm) for boreholes up to 150 m deep.
  • Flexibore® 250 –range of diameters from 1.5" (40 mm) to 6" (152 mm) for larger submersible pumps in boreholes up to 250 m deep
  • Flexibore® 300 & 400 – available in a range of diameters from 3" (76mm) to 6" (152mm). Advanced technical design for ultra- and super-deep bores up to 300 m – 400 m deep

Other Crusader Hose Products Available

Why Crusader Layflat Hose?
In many fluid transfer applications involving high volumes, the use of layflat hose can overcome limitations inherent to rigid pipes – which can be cumbersome and costly. Rigid pipes made from steel, poly or rubber section can require more joins, welds, machinery and manpower to install.

Crusader Hose layflat hose solutions can be deployed and retrieved quickly plus adapts to varying terrain. Layflat hose also has a small storage and transportation footprint plus low friction loss. Crusader Hose offers a range of layflat hose solutions to suit a wide range of applications:

  • Flexidrag® Hose – for high- to low-pressure irrigation hose
  • Waterlord® Hose – for mine dewatering applications
  • Aqualine™ Hose – for high-pressure potable water bypass applications
  • Lancer™ Hose – for temporary potable water bypass
  • Petroline® Hose – fuel transfer hose with anti-static wire
  • Flexiline™ Hose – for industrial and construction as well as service bypass hose
  • Fire Hoses – range of fire hoses available to suit various firefighting applications
  • Hose Reel & Winder Systems – for rapid layflat hose handling solutions
  • Hose Couplings & Testing Service
Crusader Hose

Customised Layflat Hose Systems

Crusader Hose is a world-leading Australian manufacturer of the most efficient systems for water delivery using flexible layflat hose.


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