Baccara Geva Solenoid Latch Valve G75-A3P

Baccara Geva Solenoid Latch Valve G75-A3P

Baccara Geva Solenoid Latch Valve G75-A3P

Baccara Latch Valve.

Baccara G75-A3P 1/8” solenoid latch valve (1/8" latch - 2 Way, 3 Way NC, NO).

The next generation of solenoid latch valve with manual override. The large orifice size facilitate a faster actuation on hydraulic systems like large irrigation valves and improves flushing time on filtration systems. The unique manual override mechanism guarantee a safer manual actuation with three positions (Open/Auto/Closed).

Baccara G75-A3P is the most reliable latch solenoid in the market today.
This versatile solenoid latch valve that can be used in many applications. Variable acceptable voltage (up to 10 bar in normally open and 8 bar in normally closed) with a manual override gives this valve the flexibility to be used on many controllers and systems. Great flow and easy to set up and mount. The Baccara G75-A3P can be the only solenoid latch valve that you will ever need.

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Baccara G75-A3P solenoid latch valve features:

  • Quicker Hydraulic Response
  • Large Orifice (2.6mm)
  • Stand-alone with G75 Controllers
  • Excellent Solutions for Irrigation Automation
  • Suitable for Long Distance Operation
  • Manual Override
  • Standard Protection Class IP66
  • Pressure Range 10 Bar Rated (Normally Open) 8 Bar (Normally Closed)
  • 12-18v Input ( Latch )
  • Body Material UV Stabilised
Baccara Geva Latch Valve G75-A3P
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Baccara Soienoid Latch Valve G75-A3P Applications

  • Irrigation – fast actuation on medium to large control valves

  • Filtering – quick flushing response time in filtration systems

  • Water supply systems – ultimate solution for high flow rates

  • Actuation of hydraulic systems – in remote areas with G75 controllers

Baccara Geva Australia

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Baccara Geva Australia has for many years designed and manufactured a vast range of process and irrigation solenoid, hydraulic and pressure-reducing valves for may applications. Main office and distribution center is situated in Victoria, Australia.


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