Antelco CFd® DownSpray

Antelco CFd® DownSpray

Antelco CFd® DownSpray

Australian designed, Australian made, Australian owned.

The Australian Made Antelco CFd® DownSpray is a single piece 360° open spray jet engineered to distribute water evenly across the entire wetted surface area. Even distribution ensures no over or under watered patches as water is evenly absorbed into the plant root zone.

Featuring a 45° downspray pattern, the CFd® DownSpray reduces the effect of the wind and improves water efficiency. The downward spray pattern ensures only the surrounding soil gets watered, reducing water wastage and watering run times.

The CFd® DownSpray Galvanised Rod Stake Assembly has been specifically designed for nursery pot applications. The galvanised rod incorporates a Shut-Off clip that allows for the flow to be stopped to individual downsprays without causing disruption to the rest of the system. This is extremely useful where there is a high rotation of pots. The galvanised rod stake allows for easy insert and retrieval from pot media, without causing damage to the plant root stock.

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Antelco has recently expanded the CFd® DownSpray range to include three new flow rate nozzle sizes. The range now boasts six flow rate sizes, each colour coded for easy identification. Ranging from 22 lph up to 136 lph (when operated at 100 kPa), the CFd® DownSpray has a flow rate to suit nursery plants from saplings through to established trees and shrubs.

  • The CFd® DownSpray is a single piece 360° open CFd® DownSpray spray jet engineered to distribute water evenly across the entire wetted surface area.
  • The CFd® DownSpray features a 45° downspray – reducing the effect of wind and improving water efficiency.
  • Designed for nurseries, tree lots, pot plants, home and landscaped gardens.
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Antelco CFd® DownSpray – Features

Antelco CFd® DownSpray’s have a “Quick” thread inlet with 4 mm sealing barb for easy, fast and secure installation into rigid risers and stakes. The CFd® DownSpray Galvanised Rod Stake Assembly comes pre-assembled on 300 mm long, 2.7 mm galvanized steel rod stake with 914 mm tube and adaptor. The galvanised rod stake incorporates a Shut-Off clip to stop flow to the individual CFd® DownSpray without causing disruption to the rest of the system. The CFd® DownSpray Stake Assembly comes pre-assembled with a Blue 1.0 mm CFd® DownSpray on 300 mm Asta® Stake with tube and adaptor.

  • Six colour coded frames for flow rate identification.
  • 45° downspray trajectory.
  • Robust proven C-Frame design.
  • No moving parts.
  • “Quick” thread inlet with sealing barbs.
  • UV stabilised material for long life.

Antelco CFd® DownSpray – Applications

The Patented Antelco CFd® DownSpray is a 360° spray jet that distributes water evenly across the wetted surface area. Stake assembly options provide savings in labor and installation time – and is ideally suite for a range of applications:

  • Nurseries.
  • Tree Lots.
  • Pot Plants.
  • Domestic Homes.
  • Landscaped Gardens.

Putting Water Where It Counts!®

Antelco are Micro Irrigation specialists, producing fit-for-purpose irrigation products for home owners, landscapers and agricultural markets to promote responsible water use worldwide.


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