Solar Pumps

Solar Pumps

Solar Pumps

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Are solar pumps better than regular pumps?
There are many different types of solar pumps on the market and come with some clear advantages in an agricultural setting. Primarily there is a cost benefit to solar pumps relative to energy and infrastructure costs. In Australia, sunlight is a readily available source of energy, and clearly harnessing solar makes sense in our environment. The costs of operating a diesel pumpset, installing an electric power supply or repairing a windmill are on the rise. Conversely, solar pumps often require a significant investment up-front. There are varying qualities of solar pumps on the market as well –  it is definitely the case of ‘you get what you pay for’ when buying cheap imported solar panels and pumps. 
What is the best use for a solar pump?
Because solar pumps operate when the sun shines, they can potentially run for up to 10 hours per day. The ideal job for a solar pump is to pump water to a tank on a hill, slowly and steadily, sized so that it provides enough water for the job requirement. Solar pumps are generally not suited to short run, on demand jobs, although with the cost of panels and batteries decreasing all the time, these jobs will soon be common for solar pumps. Solar pumps can power swimming pool pumps, taking advantage of the sun to pump all day. Recently, the development of blended solar and mains power systems means that many larger electric pump systems can have their power costs offset, or minimised with solar but maintaining the ability to operate at any time.
Do solar pumps require less maintenance than engine drive (diesel or petrol) pumps?
All pumps require regular maintenance, however the areas of wear and tear differ. There is a strong servicing network within Irrigear for both solar and engine powered pumps, and spare parts / repairs are readily available for both types. Where the cost is really accumulated is on ongoing operational costs when considering the 20 year life-cycle of a pump. Solar pumps do not require refuelling or regular servicing (filters, spark plugs, oil etc). However they do require some maintenance, which is generally low cost.

How far will a solar pump supply water?
Solar pumps can be highly efficient at pumping water across longer distances, however every property is different, and the uses of water will impact the efficiency of the pump (such as whether the water is going to a single destination for stock drinking water versus irrigating a large broadacre farm). Solar pumps can operate at heads up to 450m, and can provide huge volumes of water at low heads. Designing and specifying the correct solar pump system is a complex process, but your local Irrigear team are specialists in designing solar pump systems, and have the tools to get the right solar pumping solution for your situation.

How long should a solar pump last?
For a solar pump that is being used regularly for 6-8 hours a day and is well maintained, you might get 15-20 years of life – similar to that of a diesel pump.

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  • Are solar pumps better than regular pumps?
  • What is the best use for a solar pump?
  • Do solar pumps require less maintenance than engine drive (diesel or petrol) pumps?
  • How far will a solar pump supply water?
  • How long will a solar pump last?
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