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Pool Filters

Pool Filters

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What are the different kinds of pool filters available?
There are two main types of pool filters commonly used in residential swimming pools: media filters and cartridge filters. Sand filters are the most common type of pool filter and use a bed of fine glass, zeolite or sand as the filtration media - water passes through the sand, particles and debris are trapped in the media bed which allows clean water to return to the pool. Media filters have a backwash function which cleans the filter and sends the contaminants to waste. Media filters are relatively low maintenance and offer good filtration efficiency, especially for large particles.

Cartridge filters use replaceable filter cartridges made of pleated fabric material to capture debris from the water. These filters offer finer filtration compared to sand filters and can effectively remove both large and small particles. They need to be manually cleaned and have a much lower capacity for debris, which increases the maintenance requirement.

Which pool filter is right for me?
The choice of filter type depends on factors such as pool size, the level of debris in the area, desired water clarity, maintenance preferences, and budget. It's important to properly size the filter based on the pool's volume and flow rate requirements. Additionally, considering the local water conditions, the type and amount of debris in the pool, and the available maintenance time can help determine the most suitable filter type for your pool.

Come and speak with your local Irrigear expert who can provide recommendations and help you make an informed decision about the best pool filter for your specific needs.

Which is the most effective pool filter?
Cartridge filters require more frequent maintenance and are not as easy to clean. They have a lower capacity to hold debris than a media filter and typically, the cartridges need to be cleaned or replaced quite regularly, depending on usage and water conditions. Cartridge filters also operate with lower water pressure, resulting in energy savings and are suitable for pools with lower pump flow rates.

Sand Filters are the most budget friendly choice, and can effectively remove larger particles, but they may struggle with finer debris. Periodic backwashing is required to flush out trapped debris from the filter. The sand needs to be replaced every 5 to 7 years, depending on usage and maintenance.

Do I need to consider the filter when buying a pool pump?
Pool filters are designed to be compatible with a range of pool pumps. However, it's important to ensure that the pump and filter are properly matched to ensure optimal performance and compatibility.

One of the key considerations is flow rate - Pool pumps have different flow rates, which indicate the amount of water they can circulate per minute. It's important to select a pool filter that can handle the flow rate of the pump and should have the capacity to accommodate the pump's flow rate without causing excessive pressure or strain on the system.

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  • What are the different kinds of pool filters?
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  • Which is the most effective pool filter?
  • Do I need to consider the filter when buying a pool pump?
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