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What equipment do I need to maintain a pool?
Whilst having a pool means great fun, it can also be a labour of love. There are several pieces of equipment and components that are typically required to ensure proper functioning and maintenance. The specific equipment needed may vary based on the type of pool (e.g., above-ground or in-ground), its size, and the desired features. Here is a list of common equipment for pool owners to consider:

Filtration System: A filtration system is essential to keep the pool water clean and clear. It typically includes a filter (such as glass, zeolite, sand or cartridge) and a pump to circulate the water through the filter.

Pool Pump:
The pool pump is responsible for circulating the water through the filtration system. It helps remove debris and ensures proper water flow for filtration and chemical distribution.

Pool Skimmer:
Skimmers are installed on the side of the pool to collect floating debris and leaves, preventing them from sinking to the bottom. The flap in the skimmer ensures that the water is “skimmed” off the surface and helps to draw in floating debris.

Pool Heater: A pool heater is optional but desirable for maintaining comfortable water temperatures, especially in cooler climates or during colder seasons. Options include gas heaters, heat pumps, or solar heaters.

Pool Control System: A pool control system allows you to manage and automate various pool functions, such as pump operation, chlorine output, heating, lighting, and water features. It provides convenient control and monitoring capabilities.

Pool Cover: A pool cover helps to reduce evaporation, maintain water temperature, and keep debris out of the pool. They normally roll up at the end of the pool when the pool is in use. Options include manual or automatic cover rollers.

Pool Chemicals and Testing Kit: Proper pool maintenance requires a range of pool chemicals, such as chlorine, pH balancers, algaecides, and test kits to monitor water chemistry and ensure safe and balanced conditions.

Pool Maintenance Equipment: This includes items like a pool brush, skimmer net, vacuum system, and telescopic pole to clean the pool, remove debris, and maintain water clarity.

It's important to talk with your local Irrigear expert for a comprehensive assessment of your specific needs and how to optimise your pool for the way you like to use it. We can help determine the specific equipment required based on your pool design, location, and personal preferences, ensuring a lifetime of swimming fun at your place.

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  • What equipment do I need to maintain a pool?
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