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AAP appFLO Ball Valves

AAP Industries General Purpose Ball Valves in a Range of Materials & Sizes

Whether you need a General Purpose Brass Ball Valve through to an approved DR Brass Ball Valve you'll find an appFLO Ball Valve that will have your requirements covered.

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AAP appFLO Butterfly Valves – Wafer, Lugged, Gear-Op

AAP Industries Water, Lugged, Gear-Op. Quality Valves Built to Last.

Butterfly Valves are used in a wide range of industries including water, wastewater treatment, food processing, HVAC, petrochemical as examples – offering a compact profile and give a bubble tight shut-off as well as having good regulating capabilities. Butterfly Valves are very useful where you have limited space and can utilise a quicker action – ¼ turn control to stop, start or regulate flow, rather than multi-turn gate valves. AAP offers Butterfly Valves with a range of body and seat options from Cast, Stainless Steel (SS), Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM), Nitrile Butadiene Rubber (NBR) or Viton® Seats. You are sure to find a material to suit your requirements.

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AAP appFLO Resilient Seat Gate Valves

AAP Industries Quality Valves Built to Last

Resilient Seat Gate Valves are Gate Valves with an elastomer lined wedge. They are especially used for waste water, drinking water supply and irrigation. Also known as RSGV or RSG Valves, Resilient Seat Gate Valves have plain valve bottoms, allowing free passage for sand and pebbles in the valve. AAP appFLO Resilient Seat Gate Valves are availble in a wide range of sizes.

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AAP Camlock (Cam & Groove) Fittings

AAP Industries Range of Quality Fittings for All Your Needs

AAP Camlock (Cam & Groove) Fittings to cover all your irrigation needs. Aluminium, Poly, Gal Mal or Stainless – we've got the fitting for you.

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AAP Inline Spring & Swing Check Valves

AAP Industries Ensure Your Flow Direction

Check Valves are used to ensure the flow direction in water, air and gas applications to prevent backflow in a piping system. The two most common styles of check valves are 'Spring' and 'Swing' Check Valves. Inline Spring and Swing Check Valves are used in a wide range of industries including Water, Air, Pumping as examples.

From a 10mm Inline Spring Check Valve to a 100mm Inline Swing Check ValveAAP Industries have a range to look after your requirement’s and for the different applications.

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AAP Peal® Pipe Pieces & Barrel Nipples

AAP Industries Handy Easy to Use Pipe Pieces, Barrel Nipple & Close Nipple Fittings

Black, Galvanised, Mild Steel and Stainless Steel Fittings. Convenient, easy to use, cost-effective and labour-saving pipe piecesbarrel nipples and close nipples – to be used as a pre-made replacement piece, extension, or repair piece of pipe to screw into new or existing pipelines. This reduces the labor costs in cutting and threading pipe – no threading machines needed.

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AAP Rubber Bellow Expansion Joints

AAP Industries Premium Quality Expansion Joints Built to Last

Rubber Bellow Expansion Joints a flexible connectors fabricated from natural or synthetic elastomers and fabrics with metallic reinforcments. These connectors are designed to provide stress relief in piping systems due to thermal changes. 

AAP Industries Rubber Bellows Expansion Joints are installed in piping and pumping systems to absorb movements in 3 directions:

1. Axial – The movement of elongation and compression along the center line.
2. Lateral – offset movement from the center line.
3. Angular – offset bending about the center line.

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AcquaSaver® Water Diversion Valves

Brown Brothers Engineers (BBEA) Easy to Install. Low to No Maintenance. Solid Brass Construction. Built-in Dual Check Valves.

The AcquaSaver® Water Diversion Valve is a fully automatic mechanical rainwater/mains water changeover device designed for pressure pump supply systems for harvesting rainwater for the toilet, laundry and household applications with automatic mains backup. The AcquaSaver prioritises the use of rainwater over mains water when rainwater is available and will automatically switch over to mains water in the event of the rainwater tank running low or electrical failure. When rainwater has been replenished or power has been restored to the pump, the AquaSaver valve will automatically prioritize back to rainwater.

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AIP All Stainless Steel Permanent Repair Clamps

Advanced Industrial Products (AIP) • Full Circumference • Part Circumference • Full Junior Clamps

Designed for easy installation – why go to the expense of digging up and replacing a split pipe when you can simply use AIP All Stainless Steel Permanent Repair Clamps – saving you man power, time and money.

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AIP BFI Dry Chemical Fire Extinguishers

Advanced Industrial Products (AIP) Easy to Use Dry Chemical Fire Extinguishers Suitable for Class A, B, & E Fires

Highly effective dry chemical fire extinguishers suitable for domestic and industrial settings. Recognised for their high quality and reliability and widely used throughout Australia. Available in a range of size capacities – from 1kg to 9kg – featuring a robust and popular design for ease of use. Discharge times from 12 seconds for the 1kg capacity through to 20 seconds for the 9kg capacity.

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AIP Butterfly Valves

Advanced Industrial Products (AIP) Australia's First Choice for Quality Hoses, Valves & Fittings

AIP Butterfly Valves are designed for easy installation on irrigation, civil and mining worksites. Made tough for Australian conditions AIP Butterfly Valves save valuable time and money. Available in a range of diameter sizes to suite a variety of applications.

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AIP Travelflex® & Powaflex® Irrigation Hose

Advanced Industrial Products (AIP) Proven Performance for Tough Australian Conditions

Travelflex® and Powaflex® are premium quality irrigation hose designed for use with travelling irrigators. Designed and manufactured tough for Australian conditions.

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AIP Wellman Bore Hose – Flexible Rising Main

Advanced Industrial Products (AIP) Rapid Installation, Low Maintenance & Superior Performance

Light and flexible polyurethane layflat hose with drinking water approval, designed as a permanent alternative to traditional materials in water wells with electric submersible pumps, manufactured in Norway to exacting standards.

Wellmann Bore Hose Flexible Rising Main – a complete fwell riser main system consisting of the Wellman Hose, with special couplings, a submersible pump and power cables.

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ALLRounder2 Garden Hose

Advanced Industrial Products (AIP) Premium Quality Garden Hose

ALLRounder2 is a premium quality reinforced garden hose – flexible, strong and kink resistant with a high quality finish. Identified by a single yellow stripe. A U.V stabilised long life hose. The Allrounder 2 comes with a 10year guarantee.

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Antelco Drippers / Adjustable Flow – Shrubbler® & Potstream®

Antelco Adjustable Flow Drippers allow you to

Antelco Shrubbler® and Potstream® Adjustable Flow Drippers are ideal for home garden and light commercial use.

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