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Cobram Irrigation VIC – Domestic irrigation & design, Private Residence, Cobram, Victoria

Eltham Waterhouse VIC – Award-Winning Domestic Pool System, Private Residence, Whittlesea, Victoria

Rural Irrigation Supplies NSW – Domestic water management solution, Private Residence, Regional, New South Wales


Case Studies: Home and Garden

Domestic irrigation & design, Private residence
Cobram, VIC, 3644


Serving Victoria and Southern New South Wales since 1989, they have built their reputation on product support, listening to the customers and providing practical, efficient and cost-effective solutions to water and fluid management problems.

Majestic home garden grows well for former farmer


A retired orchard grower in Victoria wanted to create a beautiful garden landscape around his home. Already well acquainted with irrigation techniques from his time as a farmer, Joe wanted a solution that properly watered lawns, flowering plants and a functional vegetable garden.

Irrigear Solution

Irrigear store - Cobram Irrigation designed an irrigation system around Joe’s existing garden including trenching and installation of underground pipework and sprinklers. 

To establish a reliable source of water, a Lowara 66S11 1.1kW Submersible Pump and Franklin Motor combination were used down an existing bore, capable of supplying 70L per minute.

To facilitate scheduled, automatic watering a Raindial 12STN 3 Program Control unit was installed, with a Davey 125S Pressure pump supplying the trickle system in the vegetable garden.


The private residence now boasts an abundant garden of flowering plants and vegetables alongside green lawns. Homeowner, Joe, is highly satisfied with the results and enjoys the fruits of Irrigear’s labour through fresh produce in his home all year round.

Home sweet home for a proud gardener. Irrigation design and installation by IRRIGEAR Member Cobram Irrigation.

Award-Winning Domestic Pool System, Private Residence
Whittlesea, Victoria


Eltham WaterHouse has served Eltham and surrounding areas for 23 years. They have built their reputation on product support, experience and local knowledge. Eltham Waterhouse offers solutions in rural water supply, irrigation, commercial water systems, pool equipment and pool chemicals.

Great design and implementation creates award-winning pool experience for client and Eltham WaterHouse

In this black pebble pool, Eltham WaterHouse installed a Clearwater salt chlorinator, a Raypak Gas heating for spa along with an Aquatight Heat Pump for the main pool. Pumping system consists of three Davey Power Master pool pumps which operate the infloor cleaning system, pool filtration system and spa boost.

This pool won best natural residential pool in the Swimming Pool & Spa Association (SPASA) Awards of Excellence (2008) Victoria and 2nd place nationally.

Wattle Glen Aged Care Centre - Bush Fire Protection System

Award-winning pool design and installation, IRRIGEAR Stores Member Eltham WaterHouse.

Domestic water management solution, private residence
Regional NSW


Rural Irrigation Supplies have provided water management, irrigation and pumping services and solutions in Casino, New South Wales for over 30 years. They are experts in water management solutions and supply, design, install and maintain irrigation systems to businesses and homeowners in the Richmond Valley and the Northern Rivers.

Gravity helps homeowners avoid power outage disruption


A home in regional New South Wales already boasting impressive lawns and gardens now required additional irrigation systems to satisfy a sloping block of land and frequent power outages – all while looking good, without interrupting the flow of their backyard.

Cliff and Cherie Childow had long relied on Irrigear store – Rural Irrigation Supplies to manage their home’s water, including equipment such as;

  • 6 x 22,500 litre poly tanks for storage
  • Toro Waterbird sprinklers
  • Toro drip irrigation through the gardens and hedges
  • Variable speed pressure system – servicing both home & garden

Irrigear Solution

Irrigear store - Rural Irrigation Supplies were well acquainted with the home and provided a sophisticated design, installation and maintenance service within budget and to required specification. The customised water and irrigation management system included quality products including;

  • Grundfos KP 250 Sump Pump automatically transferred rainwater from a 5,000 litre catchment tank to a higher storage tank
  • Onga SMH550 pump unit with a retro fitted Variable Speed Drive (as a trial)
  • 7 x water tanks with combined volume of 140,000L
  • Automatic irrigation system controlled by a Hunter 4 Station Irrigation Controller and 25mm solenoid valves
  • Philmac 180 degree micro sprays irrigated the vegetable garden
  • Toro 4 litre per hour drippers on stakes irrigated the rose garden
  • Philmac 360 degree micro sprays irrigated the shade house
  • Toro 35 litre per hour Waterbird sprinklers and Toro 8 Litre per hour drippers, in combination, irrigated the front and rear house gardens


The irrigation system importantly employed gravity-fed delivery, ensuring that with or without power, the home still has sufficient flow to ensure the proper function of toilets, showers, sinks and garden irrigation.


Domestic water management solution - private residence

Domestic water management solution, private residence. Installed and maintained by IRRIGEAR Member Rural Irrigation.

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