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Eltham Waterhouse VIC – Bush Fire Protection System, Aged Care Centre, Wattle Glen, Victoria

Rural Irrigation Supplies NSW – Gondwana Nursery, Barkers Vale, New South Wales

Aqua-Power QLD – Water harvesting & filtration, 24/7 Car Wash, Maroochydore (Sunshine Coast), Queensland

Aqua-Power QLD – Creative water design & installation, Aussie World Fun Park, Palmview, Queensland

Southwest Irrigation NSW Automation & remote operation, Wagga Greyhound Club, Wagga Wagga, New South Wales

Aqua-Power QLD – Small business water management Plant nursery, Glenview, Queensland


Case Studies: Commercial

Bush Fire Protection System, Aged Care Centre
Wattle Glen, Victoria


Eltham WaterHouse has served Eltham and surrounding areas for over 23 years. They have built their reputation on product support, experience and local knowledge. Eltham Waterhouse offers solutions in rural water supply, irrigation, commercial water systems, pool equipment and pool chemicals.

"Providing a bush fire protection system for this aged care facility protects both lives and property" – Eltham Waterhouse

Wattle Glen Aged Care is a flexible 91-bed aged care facility providing low care, high care and respite services to the community. This center is located in idyllic bushland setting where the building has been purpose-built for residents to enjoy these views.

However, due to this center’s idyllic bushland location there is a strong threat of a bush fire in the local area. The Wattle Glen Management team appointed IRRIGEAR Stores Member Eltham WaterHouse to design and install a Bush Fire protection system.

Eltham WaterHouse designed and installed a fully automatic bush fire protection system complete with emergency push button start located in the nurses’ station along with telemetry start allowing the management and local CFA captain the ability to start or stop the system remotely via text message.

The bushfire protection covers all the leading walls and roof surfaces with a film of water protecting the building from both ember and direct flame attack.

The system consists of brass border jets along the east north and west sides of the building with brass full circle sprays and impact sprays on the roof as requested by the architects. The system is powered by two Davey 5210YEHP Fire fighter pumps controlled by two ACP200 controllers with Telemetry connected to 27000L of stored water.

Wattle Glen Aged Care Centre - Bush Fire Protection System

Wattle Glen Aged Care Centre bush fire protection system, designed and installed by IRRIGEAR Stores Member, Eltham Waterhouse.

Gondwana Nursery
Barkers Vale, New South Wales


Terry and Carol Brown joined IRRIGEAR in 1999. Mark and Jackie were very happy to keep this association running. Being a Member of IRRIGEAR allows Rural Irrigation Supplies to be competitively priced, have access to the best suppliers and products in the industry and also to build a great network.

A reliable water supply is essential for any business, and Rural Irrigation Supplies lends a hand with efficient pumping solutions.

Gondwana Nursery is situated in Northern New South Wales and began supply the local area with quality native plants in 1996. Since then, the business has expanded its operations, now supplying most of the coastal and inland areas of the east coast of Australia.

Specialising in a wide range of native plants – from grasses to rainforest trees – requires a cost-effective and reliable water supply. Gondwana Nursery relies on a close relationship with Rural Irrigation Supplies to deliver efficient pumping systems to provide its water supply. The solutions provided support an extensive infrastructure in place to provide a water supply across this multi-hectare property.

Rural Irrigation Case Study - Gondwana Nursery

Gondwana Nursery utilises two NOV Mono rotor pumps and a Grundfos submersible bore hole pump to supply critical irrigation water to its nurseries. Installed and maintained by IRRIGEAR Stores Member Rural Irrigation Supplies.

Water harvesting and filtration, 24/7 Car Wash
Maroochydore (Sunshine Coast), Queensland, 4558

IRRIGEAR Member: AQUA-POWER Go To Member Profile

Aqua-Power provides irrigation, pumping and water management solutions for the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. Owners Nigel Read and wife Ruth Jamieson provide premium customer service, expert knowledge and a wealth of industry experience to the domestic and commercial irrigation sectors, providing access to the most modern and water efficient systems available.

Reduced reliance on town water helps car wash cut costs


A car wash in Maroochydore was spending too much money on water. The owners decided to install two rainwater harvesting tanks to collect run-off from their large roof but needed much more water and a far greater rate of delivery to satisfy their daily queue of unwashed cars.

The 24/7 Car Wash needed a water management solution that replicated the quality and volume of its current mains water supply at a reduced cost.

Irrigear Solution

Irrigear store – Aqua-Power assessed the needs of the car wash and devised a project design, installation and maintenance plan that included a main drive pump, a spear bore for underground water access and a filtration system to ensure the highest quality water for a spotless rinse.

A Franklin VR Drive-Tech 9VR6 was chosen as the main drive pump that would manage the pumping needs of both the rainwater run-off and underground water streams. To provide adequate volume of water for their business, a sand spear bore was commissioned to access readily available underground water. However, this water was heavily stained with tannins and required primary treatment to remove odours and colourations. A 3,000 litre-aerating tank, consisting of a commercial blower and air diffuser disc, aerated the dirty water on a continual 24hr cycle, fed by a spear pump from the subsurface. Filtered water was then pumped in to the two rainwater harvesting tanks.

To ensure the rainwater tanks did not overflow with filtered underground water, a system of level floats ensured the spear pump only filled the tanks to a maximum of one-third capacity. This allowed rainwater run-off – less costly as it does not require filtration before use – to occupy the greatest volume of each tank. The existing town water supply was still used, but was now water-softened and fed into a reverse osmosis plant, ensuring a of supply spot-free rinse water.


The 24/7 Car Wash used less town water and greatly reduced operating costs. Their use of rainwater run-off helps to build greater sustainability into the business and benefits Maryoochydore through increased water conservation.

The business owner is very pleased with the new design and customers enjoy superior quality water for use on their vehicles. Irrigear store - Aquapower provides ongoing maintenance of the system, including replacement of carbon filters and RO membranes.

Commercial Water Harvesting & Filtration Case Study - 24/7 Car Wash

This water system saves on mains water costs for '24/7 Car Wash', in Maroochydore, Queensland. Installed and maintained by IRRIGEAR Member Aqua-Power.

Creative water design & installation, Aussie World Fun Park
Palmview, Queensland, 4553

IRRIGEAR Member: AQUA-POWER Go To Member Profile

Aqua-Power provides irrigation, pumping and water management solutions for the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. Owners Nigel Read and wife Ruth Jamieson provide premium customer service, expert knowledge and a wealth of industry experience to the domestic and commercial irrigation sectors, providing access to the most modern and water efficient systems available.

Fun park splashes customers with creative water rides


A fun park on the Sunshine Coast wanted to build new water-themed rides for their customers that were reliable, creative and safe.

The Aussie World Fun Park, situated alongside the famous Ettamogah Pub, is a favourite attraction in southern Queensland and forms part of a larger entertainment precinct consisting of the Pub and the Aussie World Retail Village. It won the Tourist Attraction of Sunshine Coast Excellence in Business Awards for three consecutive years. 

Irrigear Solution

Irrigear store - Aqua-Power located in nearby Nambour provided project design and installation of features for a water play area at this well-known fun park.

A ‘leaking log’ feature required the installation of an 8-kW Waterco pool pump, delivering water from a pond to a system of six tipping buckets and tipping log.

The ‘storm shed’ ride required the installation of equipment that distributed water like rain droplets and an overhead tank that created mist. The system provided an experience of big Australian storm, with thundering rain and a misty entrance way, supported by audio and visual elements of thunder and rain.

The most complex system was the 'Jumping Jet' deck fountains. This featured a Programmable Logic Controller – built bespoke for the project – that shot fountains of aerated water up to 1.5 metres into the air in a random pattern. Patrons could enjoy the simple fun of an unpredictable dousing of water while playing.

All pumps supplied by Waterco. All PVC pipes supplied by Iplex. All pipes visible to customers where lovingly painted by Aussie World Fun Park staff.


Intelligent design, installation and maintenance from Irrigear store - Aqua-Power has delivered a creative, reliable and safe water play area that can be enjoyed by patrons both young and old at one of Sunshine Coast’s most favoured family attractions.

Commercial Water Creative Water Design & Delivery - Aussie World Fun Park

Newly designed water features at Aussie World Fun Park. Installed and maintained by IRRIGEAR Member Aqua-Power.

Automation & remote operation, Wagga Greyhound Club
Wagga Wagga, NSW, 2650


Southwest Irrigation is a family company providing irrigation services to Wagga Wagga and the surrounding region. Owned and operated by Shane & Mary Carroll, Southwest Irrigation employs some of the world's most advanced water management technologies and specialise in filtration, solar-powered pumping and remote monitoring equipment and systems.

Greyhound track wins by a hose (& pipes and fittings)


A greyhound racing track in Wagga Wagga was a leading venue for racing in NSW and demanded large amounts of water to maintain good track integrity. The administrators, Wagga & District Greyhound Racing Club, relied on volunteers to water the track up to three hours prior to the race meeting and in drier months, the track curator was often seen manually hosing down the track between races.

Darren Hull, Wagga & District Greyhound Racing Club President, demanded an irrigation solution that saved labour, time and costs associated with water management at New South Wales’ premium country racing venue.

Irrigear Solution

Irrigear store - Southwest Irrigation designed and installed an irrigation system that eliminated costly manual watering, instead providing a sprinkler system that could be operated remotely with ease.

New sprinklers were installed around the track on the inside running rail. The Toro 300 series sprinklers were less affected by wind due to a lower stream trajectory than the existing older sprinklers.

New sprinklers were also installed around the outside of the track to ensure even coverage of water and reduce external dust disturbance. Automatic solenoid valves (Toro) replaced older manual valves, allowing activation to be done remotely through a Toro TMR hand-held controller.

Iplex Pipline and Plasson Poly Fittings provided necessary connections in the system.


Track workers can now accurately deliver even amounts of water to suppress dust and manage track conditions on the site, often completed in less than 20 minutes, via a hand-held device all from the comfort of the kennelling area.

Wagga & District Greyhound Racing Club welcomed the upgrades and its members are confident their track will continue to enjoy its status as the state’s premier greyhound racing venue.

Commercial automation & remote irrigation operation - Wagga & District Greyhound Racing Club

Water sprinkler replacement, automatic solenoid vales and Toro TMR hand held remote controller has transformed the track of the Wagga & District Greyhound Racing Club. Installed and maintained by IRRIGEAR Member Southwest Irrigation.

Small business water management, Plant Nursery
Glenview, QLD, 4553

IRRIGEAR Member: AQUA-POWER Go To Member Profile

Aqua-Power provides irrigation, pumping and water management solutions for the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. Owners Nigel Read and wife Ruth Jamieson provide premium customer service, expert knowledge and a wealth of industry experience to the domestic and commercial irrigation sectors, providing access to the most modern and water efficient systems available.

Plant nursery gets the most from every drop


A plant nursery near the Sunshine Coast needed a sophisticated water management system to nurture their core assets: plants!

Owners Simone & Melissa at Go Green Rainforest Nursery needed a cost effective and reliable source of water that delivered irrigation accurately to their flora products.

Irrigear Solution

Irrigear store – Aqua-Power designed a complete overhead and on-ground watering system driven by a bore and submersible pump.

A new 22,500L water tank was installed alongside an existing tank receiving water from the bore.

A Calpeda MXHM 804 multistage pump served as the main irrigation pump, delivering water to the nursery and propagation sheds.

Outside areas were irrigated using Nelson S10 sprinklers installed in a square grid pattern.

Controls and timing of the pumps was provided by a Irritrol MC Plus Irrigation Controller.


Go Green Rainforest Nursery enjoys a cost-effective and reliable water management system that delivers direct business benefit, allowing their products to stay healthy and look their best.

Small business water management - Go Green Rainforest Nursery

Small business water management, Go Green Rainforest Nursery. Installed and maintained by IRRIGEAR Member Aqua-Power.

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