Membership at a glance

There are many benefits enjoyed by Irrigear Members -

Independent ownership
Businesses remain in control of their own success, yet with the support and competitive advantage of being part of a national group.

Increased buying power
Irrigear's long-standing relationships with 'Loyal Suppliers' provides Members with the best product and prices in the industry.

Strong industry presence
Members have a long history in the industry as individuals and as a group. Relationships are cemented with shared experience and trust, with a common goal of growth.

Peer support, referrals and training
Through meetings and conferences, Members develop close relationships and share knowledge to provide the best possible commercial solutions to their customers.

Marketing support
Members enjoy receiving Irrigear's marketing toolkit, the 1300 IRRIGEAR national number for customers, information sheets, advertising opportunities, branding and internet presence.

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Other benefits

There are many benefits that our Members enjoy -

  • Interaction with like-minded, independent irrigation businesses who are service and profit-orientated
  • Access to the best product selection and price in the industry through Irrigear's 'Loyal Supplier' list and long standing relationships
  • Membership in key support organisations – in Australia, the Australian Retail Association (ARA), providing Members with access to a range of service providers to assist in running their businesses
  • Memberships of key industry association groups in Australia – Australian Water Association (AWA) and Irrigation Australia Ltd (IAL), providing Members with monthly magazines and subsidised industry training
  • Our Irrigear marketing toolkit which takes the time and money pressure away from doing your own marketing - delivered free to your store
  • Online presence through and access to the members only pages
  • Opportunity to participate in collaborative marketing with other Members to make every marketing dollar go further
  • Invitation to the annual National Member Conference – which includes training and education components – to share knowledge on industry trends and developments and to interact and learn from other Members and key Supplier and Industry representatives
  • Participation in the "Member of the Year" Award program, as voted by loyal suppliers, which can be used by Members in their own marketing campaigns
  • Input into Irrigear's list of 'Loyal Suppliers', contributed to and evaluated by Members annually, to ensure the best products and prices are available to members
  • Regional meetings to share ideas and gain insight into national, regional and international issues and solutions. New Suppliers often address Members and offer new products and discounts
  • Opportunity to become an equal shareholder of Irrigear Stores Ltd with a vested interest in Irrigear's success
Rob Love - Irrigear Stores

A Member's
Message –

"As one of the founding members of Irrigear, I feel fortunate to have been a part of a special and unique group of people all striving for a common goal – to be the best in the industry.

I have no doubt that my business has been more successful because of the benefits of Irrigear membership."

Rob Love
Cobram Irrigation
(Cobram, Victoria)

Chairman (2009-2014) and Foundation Member Irrigear Stores



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Irrigear Member of the Year - Rural Irrigation

What a
says –

"For Rural Irrigation Supplies, there are many benefits to Irrigear Membership – the access to premium brands and products; the buying power and Head Office support; the other Members; the friendships...

Irrigear Stores is a perfect fit for the needs of our business, both personally and professionally."

Mark Bratti
Rural Irrigation Supplies (RIS)
(Casino, NSW)

Member since 1999

2012 Member of the Year

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