Vinidex LD PLUS® Low Density Poly Irrigation Pipe

Vinidex LD PLUS® Low Density Poly Irrigation Pipe

Vinidex LD PLUS® Low Density Poly Irrigation Pipe

Vinidex now manufactures the premium quality Australian manufactured LD PLUS® Low Density Poly irrigation Pipe in Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth allowing Vinidex to offer market competitive prices across the entire country. Additionally with three manufacturing sites, we can meet your demands during peak season requirements.

A premium low density polyethyelene pipe (LDPE) Vinidex LD PLUS® is manufactured using high quality resins without compromise to quality. LD PLUS® is easy to install in cold weather and won't go brittle when exposed to UV light over long periods of time.

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Applications for LD PLUS® Low Density Poly irrigation Pipe include:

  • Agriculture
  • Micro Irrigation
  • Dripper Applications
  • Hydraulic Automation Applications
  • Professional Landscaping
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Vinidex LD PLUS® Specifications I

Vinidex LD PLUS® provides the best quality Low Density Poly Pipe in the market and is suitable for use at pressures up to 300kPa at 20°C — offering the largest range available:
• LD PLUS® - low density polyethylene pipe (LDPE)
• Diameters from 13mm to 32mm
• Coil sizes from 25m-200m

Vinidex LD PLUS® Specifications II

Easy to uncoil and lay, Vinidex LD PLUS® pipe is efficient, practical and durable. Suitable for water reticulation. Manufactured to our own high standard, Vinidex LD PLUS® will not split at the fittings. Pressure rated at 300kPa.

Vinidex LD PLUS® is capable of withstanding a working pressure of 300kPa (3 Bar) where temperatures of the pipe and water are not more than 35ºC. If operating temperatures are more than 35°C, the pressure rating of the pipe reduces as indicated in the data below:

40°C – 280kPa
45°C – 220kPa
50°C – 170kPa
55°C – 130kPa
60°C – 100kPa

High Impact Strength –
Vinidex LD PLUS® A high impact strength compared with other materials ensures a greater resistance to the rigours of any pipe laying conditions.

Damage Resistance –
Vinidex LD PLUS® Low notch sensitivity provides a high level of resistance to the effects of external damage.

Abrasion Resistance –
Vinidex LD PLUS® Excellent abrasion resistance ensuring long life.

Chemical Resistance –
Vinidex LD PLUS® Outstanding resistance to a wide range of chemicals.

Flexibility –
Vinidex LD PLUS® Pipes are flexible and can be bent at a radius of 14 times diameter.

Ease of Installation –
Vinidex LD PLUS® Pipes are widely used in applications such as agricultural, micro-irrigation and dripper tube systems due to rapid installation and simple and less frequent jointing.

Weathering Resistance –
Vinidex LD PLUS® Pipes are stabilised against ultra violet (UV) light degradation by the inclusion of carbon black in the raw material.

Long Life –
Vinidex LD PLUS® Pipes have a proven high reliability record across a wide range of industries and applications, now in excess of 50 years.

Technical –
Vinidex LD PLUS® Pressure Rating: up to 300kPa at 20°C.

Temperature –
Vinidex LD PLUS® Is capable of with-standing a working pressure of 300kPa (3 Bar) where temperatures of the pipe and water are not more than 35ºC.


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Vinidex supplies a comprehensive range of quality, durable and repeatable pipe, fittings and irrigator solutions for all your irrigation needs. Vinidex prides itself on delivering complete solutions, nation-wide.

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