Triangle Waterquip DOSTEC AC Dosing Pumps

Triangle Waterquip DOSTEC AC Dosing Pumps

Triangle Waterquip DOSTEC AC Dosing Pumps

Diaphragm and piston dosing pumps with advanced dosing control.

Triangle Waterquip DOSTEC AC is a diaphragm or piston dosing pump with advanced control for an accurate and efficient automatic dosing.

This series allows many dosing possibilities depending on the chosen head. The flow range covers from 3 to 1200 l/h (317 gph) up to pressures of 20 bar (290 psi). The correct selection of head’s materials, PP, PVDF or S.S., makes this pump suitable for the most chemicals products used in water treatment, chemical industry, food and beverage and agriculture.

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DOSTEC AC Diaphragm and piston dosing pumps operation modes:

  • Manual: manual flow adjustment through the keyboard
  • Analogue: dosing flow proportional to a 0/4-20mA signal
  • Proportional to flow: proportional dosing to a water flow
  • Proportional to pulses: stroke frequency proportional to input pulses
  • Batch control, by volume: dosing a defined volume, after a manual, remote or time pre-set start
  • Batch control, by time: dosing for a defined time, after a manual, remote or time pre-set start
  • ModBus: dosing control through ModBus RTU protocol
DOSTEC AC Diaphragm and Piston Dosing Pumps
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