Rodney Industries Metal & Poly Fabrication

Rodney Industries Metal & Poly Fabrication

Rodney Industries Metal & Poly Fabrication

From Factory to Field – The Full Package.

When 'Standard' just won't do
Do you and your customer have a design concept that you need to bring to life?

Our in-house team can work together with you and to create your ideal product – with the ability to combine the expertise of both Metals and Poly Fabrication, Rodney Industries can custom fabricate a wide range of products. Take these Heavy-Duty Floats for example (featured below). Custom-built on site in our Brisbane factory.

Metal & Poly Fabrication Services and Capabilities
Our experienced Fabrication Team can offer you the following capabilities:

  • Custom piping, manifolds, strainers, and fitting manufactured to customer specifications.
  • MIG and TIG stainless and aluminium welding.
  • Rolling, folding, and guillotining of sheets and plates.
  • Profile cutting to 100mm.
  • Steel laser cutting to 12mm, Stainless Steel cutting to 6mm.
  • Saw cutting to 500mm Dia.
  • CNC turning, milling, and drilling.
  • Fabricated Tees and Bends up to 800mm.
  • Butt Welding 63mm-1000mm.
  • Extrusion welding.
  • Sweep Bends:
    – Up to 92° capabilities
    – Size range 32mm - 355mm
    – SDR 21 - SDR 11 available
    – Accurate to 1°.

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Rodney Industries Metal & Poly Fabrication
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Rodney Industries

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Rodney Industries Has Been Servicing Its Customers For Over 50 Years.

Rodney Industries is a Brisbane-based manufacturer and importer of irrigation products. We proudly supply a wide range of hard hose and soft hose irrigators, irrigation valves, fittings, and diesel pump sets through Irrigear Independent Experts stores across Australia.
Rodney Industries has been operating for over 50 years and has built a reputation for being very high quality and offering significant value to the end user.
The full Rodney Industries range includes pumps, fittings, check valves, tapers, bends, and flanges – and are also renowned for our range of Channel Gate Irrigation Gates and Firebug Drip Torches.
Whether your customer needs to irrigate a sports field or a sugar cane field, Rodney Industries is sure to have the product to suit your needs.


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