NORMAClamp® TORRO® Worm Drive Hose Clamps

NORMAClamp® TORRO® Worm Drive Hose Clamps

NORMAClamp® TORRO® Worm Drive Hose Clamps

German-engineered quality and reliability.

NORMAClamp® TORRO® multi-range hose clamps are ideally suited to applications with high mechanical loads. Made in Germany, the continuous development these clamps undergo ensures they remain the benchmark within modern clamp construction.

The key feature of TORRO® worm drive hose clamp is its asymmetrical construction - an instant sign that it is a genuine TORRO®. The asymmetric housing prevents the clamp from tilting on the pipe and ensures an optimal seal.

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TORRO® clamps have been engineered to reach exceptionally high band tension values - A higher band tension at nominal tightening torque results in higher efficiency of the hose clamp.

Available in clamping ranges 8-16 mm to 140-160 mm with DIN 3017 (larger diameters available on request) these versatile clamps are a must-have in any toolbox.

For superior quality, reliability and user-friendly features, you can’t go past TORRO®

  • (1) Improved asymmetric housing – even distribution of forces, safe assembly
  • (2) Screw support – screw collar prevents band tail from lifting when clamp is tightened, enabling easy, safe assembly
  • (3) Specification stamp on inside of band – quick reference to material grade & clamping range for prevention of errors
  • (4) Asymmetric extension – prevents housing from tilting over when clamp is tightened
  • (5) Short housing saddle – even contact pressure, Improved efficiency
  • (6) Smooth or stamped inside of band – optimal hose protection
NORMAClamp® TORRO® Worm Drive Hose Clamps
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TORRO® Clamp Product Information

Improved Asymmetric or 'Offset' Housing
• Uniform distribution of force
• Prevents housing tilt
• Housing has no welds
• Narrow design (14.9 mm)

Mechanical interlock Saddle Housing
• Equals great strength
• Better sealing properties
• No corrosion point

Rolled Band Edge
• No damage of the hose's surface
• Maximum hose protection & safe installation

TORRO® Clamp Applications

  • Joining cooling water lines.
  • Depressurised & pressurised fuel lines & ventilation systems.
  • Oil lines.
  • Joining lines in sanitary applications.
  • Joining lines in machine building applications.
  • Lines in the household appliance industry.
  • Hose lines in the commercial vehicle industries.

Material Grade / Material Description
W1* / All parts Coated Steel
W2  / Band & housing (Stainless Steel) AISI 430; Screw (Coated Steel) 
W3  / All parts made entirely from Stainless Steel (430)
W4  / All parts made entirely from stainless Steel (304)
W5  / All parts made entirely from Stainless Steel (316)

* No chromium(VI) used for the coating on the closure components

Material Grade / Corrosion Resistance(1) 
W1 / Min. 144 hours 
W2 / Min. 72 hours 
W3 / Min. 200 hours (2)
W4 / Min. 400 hours 
W5 / Min. 1000 hours

(1) In Salt Spray Test acc. DIN EN ISO 9227 NSS
(2)Max 10% corrosion of base metal allowed


Customer Value through Innovation

With over 25 years’ experience in the Australian market, NORMA Pacific prides itself on supplying highly engineered products with excellent performance for diverse applications. Tried and tested for the Australian market and Australian conditions, we are dedicated to providing the best product solutions in six primary industries: Hardware; Plumbing; Irrigation; Agribusiness; Automotive/Heavy Duty; and Industrial.

Our innovative product portfolio encompasses over 35,000 products of the highest quality, and spans across eight product categories: Fittings; Valves; Irrigation; Purification; Pumps; Industrial; Automotive; and Infrastructure. NORMA Pacific services Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific islands, via distribution centres located in Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, and Western Australia.


For over sixty years NORMA Group have been working closely with suppliers and customers to develop products that boast outstanding functional performance, including hose clamps, pipe connections, retaining products or plastic products. Regardless of its use, every NORMA brand product is designed, produced and delivered within the framework of a certified quality-management system. This development procedure is essential for achieving the innovative yet robust designs demanded by end-users. Quality has always been, and remains, our NORMA hallmark.

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