Neta Rain Gauge Range

Neta Rain Gauge Range

Neta Rain Gauge Range

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Rain gauges provide the ability to determine how much extra water an area needing irrigation actually needs to supplement rainfall and to avoid over watering. Neta Rain Gauges are easy to install & read and the backyard and professional rain gauges include a rainfall recording chart. There is a rain gauge to suit everyone’s budget and level of expertise.

Neta Rain Gauges measure rainfall in millimetres over a set period (usually 24 hours) which can then be recorded on a rainfall recording chart included with most rain gauges and also available as a download on the this page (see below) or on the Neta website.

Neta Rain Gauges have large openings to catch a larger surface area of rainfall and have easy-to-read increments. They are available in 120mm, 150mm and 250mm models.

Neta Easy Rain Gauge is made of plastic and can easily be mounted on walls, posts or placed into the ground with a spike. It can measure up to 120mm of rainfall and is the perfect accessory for any garden.

Neta Backyard Rain Gauge is tapered therefore perfect for the accurate measuring of low rainfall thanks to its wedge-shaped body. It can measure up to 150mm of rainfall.

Neta Professional Rain Gauge has a large capacity and can measure up to 250mm of rainfall. It has a small diameter inner cylinder for accuracy and a large outer cylinder for increased capacity. It comes supplied with stainless steel screws and a rainfall chart. It can be removed from its bracket allowing a closer look at the measurements.

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Neta Rain Gauge Range
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Neta Rain Gauge Product Features

  • Easy to install
  • Gauge removable from bracket for easy reading
  • UV Stabilised
  • 3 year no break guarantee
  • Supplied with screws for easy mounting

Neta Rain Gauge Range

  • Neta Easy Rain Gauge – capacity 120mm of rainfall
  • Neta Backyard Rain Gauge –  capacity 150mm of rainfall
  • Neta Professional Rain Gauge – capacity 250mm of rainfall

Installation is extremely easy. Simply attach the Neta Rain Gauge to a post in a safe location where there will be no run-off from trees or roofs. The minimum distance needs to be at least twice the distance away from the tallest structure. For best results, make sure the gauge is straight and vertical, and located as close to the ground as possible.

For more accurate results, install Neta Rain Gauges in pairs at six meter spacings and record the average of the gauges. This reduces the effect of strong winds on your results.

Watering Tip. Looking at nature as a guide, 10mm of rainfall is considered good for the garden in most areas. Rainfall of 10mm is equivalent to 10 litres of water spread evenly over a square metre of garden.

Recording your rainfall using the Neta Backyard Rain Gauge. Record results of the Rain Gauge at the same time every day. Water in the container will produce a curved surface, called a ‘meniscus’. Always take the reading from the base of the meniscus and at eye level. For more accurate results, install rain gauges in pairs at six meter spacings and record the average of the gauges. This reduces the effect of strong winds on your results. A rainfall chart is included for recording your results and additional copies can be found at

Recording your rainfall using the Neta Professional Rain Gauge. Record results of the Rain Gauge at the same time every day. If you only have rainfall in your inner cylinder, simply measure the water in the rain gauge by removing the inner cylinder and recording it on your rainfall chart.

Where rainfall has been extra heavy and has overflowed into the outer cylinder, measure the water in the inner cylinder, record the amount on a separate piece of paper and empty the gauge. Then take the rain contained in the outer cylinder and pour into the inner cylinder, measure and add the measurements from the inner and outer tubes together, record the total amount on the rainfall chart.

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