Neta Garden Hose Range

Neta Garden Hose Range

Neta Garden Hose Range

Discover the difference with a Neta Garden Hose.

Neta designs and supplies a range of high-quality Garden Hoses specifically made for Australian weather conditions. Available in a variety of specifications, lengths, diameters and kink resistance ratings, finding the perfect garden hose for your needs is made simple. Neta Garden Hoses are lightweight, kink-resistant, soft and flexible – making them easy to use and store. Most importantly, all Neta Garden Hoses are free of toxins and heavy metals (< 0.1%).

Engineered for improved softness, flexibility and kink resistance, Neta Garden Hoses are manufactured and tested to an exacting standard. This starts right at the point of manufacture with the use of high quality raw materials. Its basic structure, which comprises an inner tube, a woven casing and an outer tube, also determines its quality. The thicker the tube, the stronger the hose will be and the more it will resist kinking. Strong polyester yarn, neatly and evenly braided, reinforces your Neta hose, allowing it to withstand high water pressure. The outer layer has high UV-resistance to withstand the harsh Australian sun.

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Whatever Neta Garden Hose solution you choose, you can count on Neta to provide consistent and reliable watering for your garden or lawn.

  • Available in Jade, Emerald, Diamond and Platinum models
  • 12mm diameter available in 15m and 30m lengths
  • 18mm diameter available in 18m and 30m lengths
  • Supplied ready-to-use with high-quality plastic fittings (Platinum hose available in both plastic and brass options)
  • Kink-resistance ranges from 6/10 to 9/10 depending on model
  • Burst pressure ranges from 2000 to 2500kPa depending on model
  • Free of hazardous substances and heavy-metals (less than 0.1%)
  • Neta No-Break Guarantee ranging from 6 to 25 years depending on the model
Neta Garden Hose Range - Jade, Emerald, Diamond and Platinum.
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Neta Garden Hose Range - Detailed Product Information

Each and every Neta Garden Hose begins with the highest quality materials. A strong, evenly braided polyester yarn provides maximum reinforcement against high water pressure. The UV resistant outer layer prevents splitting, drying and cracking of the hose. While the flexible inner tube provides flexible maneuverability and even water flow.
Neta Jade Garden Hose - 6 Year No Break Guarantee.
Neta Emerald Garden Hose - 10 Year No Break Guarantee.
Neta Diamond Garden Hose - 15 Year No Break Guarantee.
Neta Platinum Garden Hose - 25 Year No Break Guarantee.

  • Durable - Braided double-layer construction
  • Tested and manufactured to meet Australian Standards AS2620
  • UV Stabilised for long life
Neta Australia

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Neta Australia has been supplying quality garden watering, irrigation, water supply, filtration and recycled water products to retailers and consumers for over 70 years. Neta Garden products are specifically designed for Australian gardeners.

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