LORENTZ S Series S1-200 Solar Water Pumping Systems

LORENTZ S Series S1-200 Solar Water Pumping Systems

LORENTZ S Series S1-200 Solar Water Pumping Systems

LORENTZ S1-200. Pick It Up. Plug It In. Pump Water.

You'll find the LORENTZ S Series S1-200 range of solar powered water pumping systems available at your local Irrigear® Independent Experts.

LORENTZ S Series. Solar Water Pumping Made Simple.
The LORENTZ S Series product range is specially designed to make solar water pumping accessible to a wider consumer customer base. LORENTZ S Series products take the quality, reliability and efficiency of LORENTZ world leading solar pumps and simplify them for self installation.

LORENTZ S1-200. Pick It Up. Plug It In. Pump Water.
LORENTZ S1-200 is a high quality, high efficiency, cost effective solar water pumping system designed for self-installation. This submersible pump can be used to provide water for people, animals, crops and more – directly powered by clean, renewable solar energy. The LORENTZ S1-200 pumping systems can easily be installed by anyone, with no special expertise or tools required. It is as simple as: pick it up, plug it in, pump water.

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LORENTZ S1-200. Anywhere. Any Source. Fixed or Portable.
Anywhere you need to pump water - and from any source, with no priming required. LORENTZ S Series S1-200 Solar Water Pumping Systems are light weight, robust and reliable and can be used for permanent installations or transported and moved everyday if required:

  • Submersible Helical Rotor (HR) pump
  • High efficiency DC brushless water filled motor
  • Plugged connections for simple self install
  • Maximum 40 m head or maximum 3 m3 /h flow rate
  • Multiple pump ends to match local pumping requirements: HR-07 / HR-14 / HR-23
  • Outdoor rated controller (IP68) designed for temperatures to 50 °C (122 °F) ambient
  • Sophisticated MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) for maximum performance
  • Accessory inputs for system expansion
  • On-board data storage and Bluetooth® connectivity for pump control and information.
LORENTZ S Series S1-200 Submersible Solar Water Pumping Systems
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LORENTZ S Series S1-200 –
Product Highlights

With LORENTZ Series S1-200 Submersible Solar Water Pumping Systems, you get LORENTZ quality, efficiency and simplicity – solar water pumping from the global market leaders, available for everyone.

  • No tools required
  • Simple, self install product
  • Robust helical rotor (progressive cavity) pump
  • High quality, strong, long life materials
  • Outdoor, fully water proof system
  • All plugs are unique, no chance of wrong connections
  • High quality engineering polymers used for precision, longevity, weight saving and performance
  • On board data storage and Bluetooth® connectivty
  • LORENTZ S-Connect app for advanced features, troubleshooting and performance data
  • Extensive online self support (if you need it)

LORENTZ S Series S1-200 –
Product Details

You might wonder why LORENTZ made certain choices when designing the LORENTZ S1-200. We have been designing and manufacturing solar pumps for 30 years. Solar pumps need to be designed differently to other electric pumps, they must operate with varying power conditions and are usually installed in hot, wet, dusty, sunny, exposed, sometimes cold places, and off grid. Here are some questions that we get asked.

Why use DC brushless (BLDC) motors?
Solar power varies through the day. The 8 pole brushless motor that is used in LORENTZ S1-200 pumps is super efficient, irrespective of power or speed. The result is 2-3 times more water than competitor products for a given input power. The motor design is internally water lubricated, has long life bearings, no brushes to wear or sensors to fail, all to maximize reliability and lifetime.

Why polymer and not stainless steel?
We use high quality engineering polymers in LORENTZ S1-200 pumps for parts that need to be accurate, durable and light weight. There are several benefits of polymer over steel, polymers can be injection molded with high accuracy without the need for secondary machining. Molded polymers fit well with high volume manufacturing and also reduce the weight of the product making it easy to move from source to source.

Why submersible pumps and not surface pumps?
We chose a submersible design for flexibility and for use in the widest range of applications. Submersible pumps have some benefits over surface pumps that make them much easier to use. The LORENTZ S1-200 can be used in a river, stream, pond, tank, dam, well or borehole. There is no need to prime the pump, just drop it in the water. There is no need to consider “suction limits” with a submersible pump. There is also no need for a suction hose and a discharge hose, just one pipe. The submersible pump is small and light weight allowing it to be easily transported.

Why a Helical Rotor (HR) pump?
Helical Rotor / progressive cavity pumps are used across many industries and are known for their efficiency and reliability. Helical Rotor pumps will create pressure at any speed which means that as soon as the pump motor can turn water will pump. The LORENTZ S1-200 pump mechanism is very efficient and reliable.

Why pre-plugged?
One of the biggest barriers to installing solar pumps is wiring. The LORENTZ S1-200 is “plug and play”, all wiring is done using weatherproof plugs. The plugs are unique so there is no risk of wrong connections.

Why have an app?
You don’t need to use the LORENTZ S-Connect app with LORENTZ S1-200 but it opens up some extra features and functions. You can for example set timers of when you want the pump to run, set a daily water amount, configure sensors or just see performance data. The LORENTZ S1-200 app also assists with troubleshooting.

The LORENTZ S1-200 pump system is a portable and flexible system designed to pump water using solar power. The system has an all plugged design for simple customer self installation. All equipment is rated for outdoor use. The system consists of a submersible Helical Rotor (HR) pump attached to a high efficiency brushless ECDRIVE motor. The system controller digitally controls the motor and monitors the system operation. Inputs are provided for connection of accessories for system automation (dry run protection and tank full sensor).

• Pump System
High effiiciency ECDRIVE DC brushless motor and high efficiency Helical Rotor (HR) pump in 3 options:
– S1-200 HR-07
– S1-200 HR-14
– S1-200 HR-23

• S1-200 Controller
System controller with plugged connections, integrated MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) and Bluetooth® connectivity for local configuration and control

• S-Connect app
Simple app for speed control, timers and extended trouble-shooting

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LORENTZ is the global market leader in solar powered water pumping solutions. Founded in Germany in 1993, LORENTZ has pioneered, innovated and excelled in the design, engineering and manufacturing of solar powered water pumping. Today LORENTZ actively sells the most comprehsive range of solar pumping solutions in the market in over 130 countries through a dedicated and local support network of professional partners.

LORENTZ Australia works with selected support partners including Irrigear® Independent Experts.


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