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FX Luminaire®

FX Luminaire®

FX Luminaire® – Landscape & Architectural Lighting.
You'll find a full range of FX Luminaire® products at your local Irrigear® Independent Experts.

FX Luminaire® has been advancing the boundaries of landscape lighting technology for more than three decades.

We know that no outdoor lighting design is complete without considering the control requirements for diverse client and environmental needs. That’s why FX Luminaire® offer a variety of low-voltage lighting transformers with varying levels of control to accommodate projects of all scopes, ranging from simple on/off capabilities to next-generation wireless technology.

Advice. Products. Solutions. Australia-wide. Locally source and buy FX Luminaire® products and solutions from the leaders in pumping, irrigation, filtration, water and fluid management – Irrigear® Independent Experts.

  • Designers – FX Luminaire® provides architects and landscape lighting designers with clear concise information
  • Installers – FX Luminaire® provides installers with specific product choices and well-detailed installation methods.
  • Distributors – FX Luminaire® gives you all the tools you need to succeed.
  • Homeowners – FX Luminaire® is committed to manufacturing top quality products.
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FX Luminaire®
Featured Products

Outdoor lighting systems provide many functional benefits for homeowners, from the simple beauty and elegance of creative lighting designs to enhanced safety and security for their property. With a low-voltage lighting control solution to suit the needs of every homeowner, there is no better time to choose FX Luminaire®:

  • FX Luminaire® - Luxor Zoning, Dimming and Colour Transformer
  • FX Luminaire® - EX Transformer Standard On/Off
  • FX Luminaire® - LED Path and Area Lights
  • FX Luminaire® - LED Up and Down Lights
  • FX Luminaire® - LED Step and Strip Lights
  • FX Luminaire® - LED Wall and In-grade Lights
  • FX Luminaire® - My Design Tool
FX Luminaire®

Landscape & Architectural Lighting

FX Luminaire® is a leading manufacturer of quality lighting products. Our goal is to help designers bring their vision to light. Distributed in Australia by Nelson Australia, you'll find FX Luminaire® lighting products and solutions available through your local Irrigear® Independent Experts.


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