Filter Systems Australia

Filter Systems Australia

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Filter Systems Australia is an Australian-owned importer, manufacturer and distributor of domestic and commercial grade water filtration and water treatment equipment.

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Filter Systems Australia Products

Specializing in High Alkaline Water, Reverse Osmosis Systems for Fluoride removal, Bore & Problem Water Solutions and Portable Filtration Systems for caravans, renters and people on the move.

  • Custom-made kits & bar-coding for re-sellers
  • Domestic & commercial water filter kits
  • NATA-approved water analysis services
  • Replacement cartridges, parts & accessories
  • Reverse osmosis & ultra-violet systems

Filter Systems Australia Solutions

With now over 30 years in the water industry, Filter Systems Australia have become one of Australia’s premier importer, manufacturer, and distribution companies in Australia for general domestic water filtration and trade supplier of water filtration and equipment.

  • Proudly Servicing & Supplying Domestic & Commercial Water Filtration
  • Pumps & irrigation industries
  • Plumbers, mines, tank cleaners, aquaponic & aquarium industries, farming industries & more
Filter Systems Australia

High-performance filtration


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