Microlene Aquashield Filters

Microlene Aquashield Filters

Microlene Aquashield Filters

Aquashield Centurion UV Treatment Kits – for Water Filtration and UV Disinfection. These proven three-stage Filtration and Ultraviolet disinfection systems can provide continuous clean, safe and fresh tasting water from your rainwater tank.

In conjunction with pre-filtration, UV is the best practical option for treating drinking water and is widely used in disinfecting the drinking supplies of not just individual homes, but entire towns.

Automatic UV lamp and pump management systems ensure only disinfected water is delivered. Anti-cycling controllers eliminate energy wasting and nuisance pump cycling, maximising efficiency and convenience. This proven three stage treatment process is a pre-assembled, simple to install, wall mounted unit for treating household rain water tank supplies.

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Davey Microlene Aquashield Centurion (ASC50 and ASC70)
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Aquashield Centurion UV Treatment Kits

This proven three stage process is a pre-assembled simple to install, wall mounted unit for treating household rain water tank supplies. There is a choice of two models depending on water flow rate required.

  • Micron (μm) filtration for sediment reduction.
  • Micron (μm) filtration for cyst reduction.
  • Davey Steriflo UV disinfection technology for water safety.
  • Flexibility to install with an existing pump or to a Davey home water pressure system.
  • Installation flexibility to plumb from left to right or right to left.

3 Stage UV System Benefits

Provides the surety of water filtration and disinfection for the safety of your family with this three stage UV water filtration and treatment system, consisting of:

  • 20 μm pre-filtration for the removal of dirt, rust, sediment and debris reduction (step 1).
  • 1 μm depth filtration for parasitic cyst reduction and further sediment reduction to reduce ‘shadowing’ of pathogens (step 2).
  • Steriflo UV disinfection system with low pressure lamp and test tube quartz sleeve for easy cleaning and high performance (step 3).
  • Universal flow direction. Left to right or right to left via the unique bracket.
  • The active system can be mounted in under 5 minutes.
  • Lamp count down timer with set limit of 9,000 hours (approximately 1 year) matches lamp life and ensures only disinfected water is delivered (cannot treat water contaminated by metails, chemicals or algal toxins).
  • Intelligent pump shut-off if the system alarms. Ensuring disinfected water is supplied at all times (Subject to routine maintenance outlined in installation and operation instructions).
  • Override function available if emergency water is required.

Filtration and disinfection of rain water.

Small and Medium home potable water supply.

Bore and surface water (subject to water quality).

Maximum flow rate: ASC50 (50 lpm) / ASC70 (70 lpm)

Maximum system pressure: 700 kPa

Water temperature range: 5 to 40°C

Maximum ambient temperature: 50°C

Lamp life: 9,000 hrs (1 year)

Supply voltage: 220-240V

Supply frequency: 50Hz

Phase: 1

Lamp: 45W

Input: 5.9A

Output: 5.7A max

Water quality is extremely important for optimum UV performance. Maximum recommended parameters are as follows:

Iron <0.3mg/l

Turbidity <1 NTU

Tannins <0.1mg/l

Hardness <120mg/l

Manganese <0.05mg/l

UVT >75% at 20°C

Davey Water Products

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Davey Water Products designs, builds and sells products for transfer, conservation, treatment and filtration of water. Davey is recognised for quality brands such as DynaDrive, Firefighter, Torrium, RainBank, Microlene, Filterpure, Steriflo, Acquasafe, ISOspec, FloodFighter, Silensor, PowerMaster, EcoMatic, ChloroMatic, SpaPower and PoolSweepa.

Davey have distribution centres in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania and Western Australia.


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