Davey TankSense Water Level Monitor

Davey TankSense Water Level Monitor

Davey TankSense Water Level Monitor

Monitor and track your household’s tank water supply

Davey TankSense is an invaluable device that allows you to monitor and track your household’s tank water supply using Bluetooth LE.

TankSense provides real time data via an app direct to a compatible mobile phone so you can manage your water, including how many days of water you have left remaining and alerts when your tank water levels are low. Designed for above ground water tanks, TankSense is easy to install, simple to use and provides peace of mind so you never run out of water.

For those Australians who rely on tank water for cooking, cleaning and even drinking, the prospect of a dry summer can be daunting, but with the new Davey TankSense it’s easy to determine how much water is left and when it will start to run low.

TankSense is a clever monitoring system that combines real time usage data and current tank level stats to predict how many days of supply are left. The system integrates with an intuitive app to give users plenty of notice when water starts to run low, so they can arrange a water delivery if needed. It also integrates weather data from the Bureau of Meteorology so tank owners can hold off on ordering if rain is forecast.

For over 80 years, Davey Water Products have been manufacturing products that help protect and enhance people’s lives. With a strong engineering capability, Davey develops and markets water products for homes, businesses, farms, flood and fire protection, rainwater harvesting, pool and spa communities. A market leader in Australia, Davey exports to over 50 countries internationally where our products perform in some of the toughest environments.

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Davey TankSense Water Level Monitor:

  • Manage and monitor all above ground tank water levels for rainwater dependent homes
  • Customise to suit individual households water usage
  • Provides real time data direct to mobile via an App for domestic or commercial applications –
  • Designed for all above ground tank applications
  • App compatible with iOS and Android mobile phones
  • BLE(Bluetooth®) connection – no subscription needed
Davey TankSense Water Level Monitor
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Davey TankSense Additional Product Information

Davey TankSense can be used with above ground steel or poly tanks from 1,000 to 100,000 litre capacity or 20 metres high whichever is the greater. It was recently released for sale after 12 months in development, including trials around Australia. TankSense provides real-time data direct to mobile via an App for domestic or commercial applications —

  • How many days of water remaining
  • Tracks monthly usage
  • Alerts when tank levels are running low
  • Predicts rainfall events based on weather patterns and forecasts

Davey TankSense – Eliminate Uncertainty

Davey’s Innovation Mission Leader Chris Knapp says the system was designed in direct response to feedback from tank users, who identified uncertainty around remaining supply as one of their biggest challenges.

“Even when tanks include a visual gauge to show how much water is left, it can be hard for owners to predict their usage rates, so it’s still hard for them to know when they need to order water, and when they can afford to wait a little longer,” he says. “TankSense learns how you use water so it can offer a more accurate estimate on how long the remaining water will last. It gives a lot of peace of mind to tank users and also allows them more control.”

Davey Water Products

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Davey Water Products designs, builds and sells prdoucts for transfer, conservation, treatment and filtration of water. Davey is recognised for quality brands such as Firefighter, Torrium, RainBank, Microlene, Filterpure, Steriflo, Acquasafe, ISOspec, FloodFighter, Silensor, PowerMaster, EcoMatic, ChloroMatic, SpaPower and PoolSweepa.

Davey have distribution centres in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Tasmania.


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