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Australian Made Wicking Beds

Biofilta is an Australian-owned company that manufactures wicking garden beds using state-of-the-art design and technology. The product range is headed by our growing Foodcube product range.

Biofilta began its journey designing and constructing stormwater harvesting systems in iconic locations around Melbourne such as Fitzroy Gardens, Birrarung Marr and the Melbourne's Main OutFall Sewer (MOS). These systems collect runoff rainwater in large underground tanks, pump the water through a series of physical and biological filters and then re-purposes the water for irrigation of parks and green spaces.

Now Biofilta has turned its focus to food
Biofilta believes wherever you live (or work) it's possible to make food growing easier and accessible to all. That's why Biofilta has designed state-of-the-art modular wicking garden systems to improve water-efficiency, minimise labour requirements and maximise food growing outcomes.

Biofilta wicking garden systems can turn 'food miles' into metres, maximise composting opportunities, reduce waste output and increase food security for individuals, families and communities.

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Learn more about the Biofilta range of products:

  • Foodcube™ – most affordable wicking bed per square metre. Ideal raised garden bed for rooftops, schools, household and community gardens.
  • Foodcube™ Slim – coming soon. All the benefits of the original Foodcube in a smaller, more compact footprint.
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Biofilta Product Benefits

Foodcube™ Slim (coming soon)

State-of-the-art modular design. Made in Melbourne Australia. Biofilta offers a complete range of accessories to make every project a success. Trellising and Cladding options are also available for the Biofilta Foodcube range of products.

  • Grow fresh produce
  • Reduce food miles (the carbon footprint associated with having produce delivered)
  • Divert plastic waste from landfill
  • Save water
  • Self-contained water and aeration ecosystem
  • Modular design
  • 'Cradle-to-cradle' life-cycle – product can be returned to be re-processed
  • Huge soil capacity
  • UV-stablised recycled plastic
  • Easy setup
  • Forklift acess

Biofilta Product Environmental Benefits

Biofilta uses clever design and engineering to help build healthy, sustainable environments. At Biofilta we believe that environmental literacy relies on participation in activites like food growing. That's why Biofilta believes in making growing food easier, more appealing and more sustainable than ever – and achieving critical environmental benefits along the journey:

  • 24 Biofilta Foodcubes would divert approximate 2 cubic metres of plastic waste (polypropylene) from landfill.
  • Each Biofilta Foodcube can grow up to 25kg of produce per year.
  • Biofilta Foodcube is extremely efficient with water use and will reduce the maintenance time required to approximately 20% of normal top-down watering systems.

Transforming Cities Into Urban Farms

Biofilta is an Australia-owned company that manufactures modular self-watering wicking garden beds using state-of-the-art design and technology. Designed and manufactured in Melbourne, Australia. With Biofilta it's never been easier to turn 'food miles' into metres, maximise composting opporunities, reduce waste output and increase food security for individuals, families and communities.


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