Baccara Geva G500-PR Pressure Reducing Solenoid Valves

Baccara Geva G500-PR Pressure Reducing Solenoid Valves

Baccara Geva G500-PR Pressure Reducing Solenoid Valves

Versatile pressure reducing valves with excellent flow 1 ½” to 4” up to 10 bar rated. 

Baccara Geva G500 PR Series Valves are direct diaphragm closing hydraulic control valves which work with line pressure. They ensure easy and smooth flow with minimum pressure losses thanks to excellent design of the valve and diaphragm. Many options available and flexible.

Baccara G500-PR model pressure reducing control valve is the hydraulic control valve which reduces high upstream pressure value to desired lower pressure value by means of built-in pressure reducing pilot valve.

The pressure reducing control valve controls downstream pressure value continuously and maintains it constant without being affected from flow rate and upstream pressure values. When no flow exists in the system, it closes itself automatically. When valve upstream pressure value is lower than set point, it is opened fully by itself. Valve may be used in vertical or horizontal positions in the system.

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Baccara Geva G500-PR Valves features include:

  • Ease of Use & Maintenance.
  • Long-life with Glass-Reinforced Polyamide Material.
  • Operation in Wide Pressure Range.
  • Perfect Modulation at Low Flow Rates.
  • Anti-surge Closing & Opening with Flexible Diaphragm.
Baccara Geva G500-PR Pressure Reducing Solenoid Valves
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Baccara Geva G500-PR Valves Applications

Use Baccara G500-PR Valve for irrigation, water distribution and filtration systems.

Smart designed Baccara G500-PR Valve provides high corrosion resistance.

Baccara Geva G500-PR Valve Standards

Baccara G500-PR: 3-Way plastic pressure reducing pilot, polytethylene plastic tubing system and nylon fittings.

Baccara G500-PRM: 3-Way plastic pressure reducing pilot, polytethylene plastic tubing system, nylon fittings and 3 Way selector.

Standard pressure adjustment from factory: 2.5 bar.

Baccara Geva Australia

When Everything Connects

Baccara Geva Australia has for many years designed and manufactured a vast range of process and irrigation solenoid, hydraulic and pressure-reducing valves for may applications. Main office and distribution center is situated in Victoria, Australia.


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