REEFE® PRJ Series Premium Jet Pressure Pumps

REEFE® PRJ Series Premium Jet Pressure Pumps

REEFE® PRJ Series Premium Jet Pressure Pumps

REEFE® PRJ Series Premium Jet Pressure Pumps are of superior quality construction and efficiency giving real power savings to the owner. They are suitable for the supply of water to the house and garden. Quiet running and reliable, ideal for suburban areas. Suitable for drinking water – tested to AS4020 for potable water.

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REEFE® PRJ Series Premium Jet Pressure Pumps – offer a number of advantages across a range of applications:

  • Domestic Water supply, Irrigation & Transfer
  • Rain to Mains Backup System for New Housing
  • Water Storage Tank Pump Set
  • Pressure Boosting
  • Clean Water Transfer
  • Small House (1 Bathroom) or Cabin Supply
  • Garden Irrigation
  • Suction Lift Applications
  • Pressure Boosting
  • Laundry & Garden Taps
REEFE® PRJ Series Premium Jet Pressure Pumps
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REEFE® PRJ Series Features & Benefits

  • Power saving, high efficiency design
  • Automatic pressure controller with run-dry protection
  • Thermal overload to protect the pump
  • Special function pressure controller that automatically checks for water every 24 hours after a run-dry event
  • Tested to AS4020 for potable water
  • Suction lift up to 8m depth (with foot valve)
  • Quick-plug connection on pressure controller
  • Maximum liquid temperature 60oC
  • Also available with pressure tank, switch & gauge

REEFE® PRJ Series Construction

  • Stainless steel casing & shaft (PRJ052)
  • 316 stainless shaft (PRJ062, PRJ075, PRJ095)
  • Carbon/ceramic mechanical seal for reliability
  • Quick plug pressure controller connection
  • Stainless steel housing
  • Noryl impeller, diffuser, jet & venturi
  • IP55, F Class insulation
  • Brass barrel union

REEFE® PRJ052 – 2.5 Amps; 370 Watts; Rated Flow 25L/min; Rated Head 20m; Max Flow 55L/min; Max Head 33m.

REEFE® PRJ062 – 2.5 Amps; 370 Watts; Rated Flow 25L/min; Rated Head 25m; Max Flow 76L/min; Max Head 35m.

REEFE® PRJ075  – 5 Amps; 750 Watts; Rated Flow 45L/min; Rated Head 20m; Max Flow 62L/min; Max Head 42m.

REEFE® PRJ095  – 6 Amps; 1000 Watts; Rated Flow 45L/min; Rated Head 30m; Max Flow 95L/min; Max Head 50m.

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